First Project Munny Completed

Hello guys, welcome to another round of my Munny 😀 It all started in February 2011, and since the step-by-steps are very simple, I decided to make the second Munny post showing the complete version of my custom Munny. So, without no further chit-chat, I present to you,  the first completed Project Munny:

The Character

Guys, please give a warm welcome for Munkee. Munkee is a bit retard but he is very friendly. He is cheerful and always happy about everything. Tell Munkee that he looks like a monkey, he’ll laugh because he is a monkey. Tell him that he only have two teeth, he’ll laugh because he is happy that one of his tooth is not alone. Give him a very complicated math test, he’ll laugh because he didn’t know what on ape’s jungle are you talking about (and he’ll think you’re the one that is a lunatic :D). If you make fun of Munkee, instead of smacking your face with a banana, he’ll put on his cheerful face because of his great sense of humor. He didn’t wear any pants and let everything gone loose but he is cool and proud of it.  If happiness could make the world brighter, then we’ll need a very dark sunglasses to be friends with Munkee.

The Idea

At first, I was wondering what kind of customization that is the easiest, you know, considering that this is my first Munny and stuff, I don’t want to get too stressful on this one. The goal was simply to get this thing done. So, there will be no reshaping using clay or epoxy on him. I’m gonna  stick with the original shape of Munny and figure out, why don’t I paint him just like the animal that Munny is based on which is a monkey 😀 Things went on with the sketching, and then I come up with this very simple face expression too ^^. With all that, I kinda have the basic idea about what attitude is this “Munkee” gonna have 😀 I really enjoy this first experience, so you know that there will be many Munnys to come in the future.

The Process

Creating Munkee is not as complicated as building a tank. If you’re wondering why it took me so long to finish it, my best answer would be the mistakes I did during the custom process. I experiments with lots of painting method, and most of the time it fails T.T. Then, comes the bad mood and laziness LoL. But anyway, I manage to take pictures of the step by step in creating Munkee 😀

A Tamiya Red Brown Lacquer paint as the base color

Put on lots of masking tape

Spray the Tamiya Flat Flesh Acrylic color using airbrush

Peel off the masking tape, and paint the eyes and mouth using handbrush 😀

With a closer look, you’ll see the rough finishing on him. I was expecting that it’ll be covered up by the flat top coat but it turns out that I’m wrong. Well, I have this habit of not really care about those little stuff 😀 On the next Munny I will try to paint using handbrush only, seems like it is much more easier compared to airbrush..

Well, that is all from me and Munkee 😀 Have a cheerful day for all of you ^^


12 thoughts on “First Project Munny Completed

    • h4mster says:

      Thanks, you definitely give it a try 😀
      There this damage on his I’m gonna use it after getting it fixed 😀 Probably use it on the next Munny

  1. heathorn says:

    So cute, imut2 ^^
    That day I was taking a walk and went inside a store selling toys like this, saw a WIP video showing the custom painting process, and today I see this……ugh…….must resist……..

    • h4mster says:

      Thanks bro ^^
      Don’t try too hard to resist the poison 😀 How about a surf in ? but I’m telling you, that website is no antidote…

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