Classic Labbit

Labbit is a character by Frank Kozik. The idea, as you should have guessed, is a rabbit. As with any designer toys in the world, there are many artist customization using Labbit as a base. They are great but I always looking for the plain and simple look that make it feels more like an original version. On December 2016, Kidrobot released this black and white Classic Labbit as an answer to my wish.



The mustache is definitely a win! There is another version of Labbit called Smokin’ Labbit that replaces the mustache with a cigarette. My wife and I agree that mustache is cute and cigarette is bad so there you have it.



DSCF7158The black and white does not come as a set. They are sold separately with the same price. Both of them have a glossy finish. It is a fingerprint magnet, especially for the black one, but toys like these are meant to be put on a display and not often touched. The Classic Labbit is a 10 inch figure so it is pretty big but not as heavy as I thought it would be.


I get to take it home to Indonesia during winter break. I put one in my luggage and the other as carry on. See? not heavy. The Classic Labbit sits comfortably in my home right now, hoping that it brings a more cheerful vibe to the living room 😀


One thought on “Classic Labbit

  1. heathorn says:

    I like the fact that by inverting the color…the eyes seem to look at different directions
    The white rabbit is staring to the front, while the black rabbit gives me the impression of staring upwards ^^

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