Goodies Arrival

Last month, I read that Ā TOYSREVILĀ are givingĀ this goodiesĀ to celebrate it’sĀ 4 years on Twitter (man..that sure is a long time in microblogging). Ā The competition was held on Twitter in which Andy Heng (the guy behind Toysrevil) will randomly pick the lucky one for the giveway package. I decided to join and It turns out that my @hobbyheaven account is that lucky personšŸ˜€.

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Toys Action Shot #3

I’ve been really busy for the past two weeks T.T and sad to say that there is no significant progress on the USS Enterprise nor any of my vinyl toys. It’s a good thing that I can still remember my wordpress password LoL. So, when there is nothing to write, it would certainly be the perfect moment for another round of Toys Action Shot ^^

Jeero: I think you should look behind you and start screaming

Wage: Well I think should find a better way to trick me..

Sometimes it is really hard when you have a friend like Jeero. You gotta have the ability toĀ distinguished the serious stuff, the jokes, and the plain stupidity.

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Android Mini Collectibles

Good Evening Ladies and GentlemenšŸ˜€

I recently purchase these Android Mini Collectibles from a local shop. Always wanted to grab one of these robots and I’m pretty happy that I finally got themšŸ˜€ Right now, I got three Androids from Series 02.

I always thought that getting a blind boxed toys is very dangerous. Let meĀ illustrate how these toys could turn into bad news right after you open the box.:

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