Omen Outburst


Omen Outburst Loser is a Vinyl Figure from a Hong Kong based company called Coarse. It is basically an owl..a cute one I could say.

Omen Outburst is a collaboration between Coarse and Rotofugi. It was released as a limited edition on 2015 San Diego Comic Convention. Even though it was released on SDCC, I am not actually went there to buy it. The Omen Outburst Loser can still be purchased on Rotofugi’s online store. That’s how I get it 😀


It measures around 7 inch tall. It’s wing, however, makes it look pretty wide. The Omen Outburst is in all matt finished except for the eyes. The very cheerful colors of its  face then becomes the center of attention because of its overall dark color combination.

There are two colors available for the Omen Outburst in the shop where I get this figure, yellow (they call it ‘lemon’) and black. Each cost the same amount of money but I choose to go with the black because I seek more simplicity out of this figure. Make no mistake, the yellow looks equally awesome too!

There are only 500 pieces of the Omen Outburst for each color. If I’m not mistaken, all figures from Coarse comes in a limited number.

IMG_0511The Omen Outburst Loser is by far my favorite figure in my collection. I purchase this mainly for decoration purpose and it did just that. It is placed comfortably in my living room to cheer up the whole house 😀


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