Kwaii Babble by Coarse x JPX

Hello everyone,

It’s been a really long time since I last post something in this blog…is anyone still reading this? lol.  Or is anyone still actually read these days? Well if you don’t read anymore, I’ve made this video in my spare time 😀

But if you still like to read something, there are two things: First, you are awesome. Second, here’s a written short review on one of my toy collection, the Kwaii Babble by the collaboration of Coarse Toys and JPX.


This 7 inch vinyl figure is designed by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, the same people who designed The Omen Outburst. The Kwaii Babble, aside of looking too darn cute for a vinyl figure, comes with a short story as its background.


…and, some pretty serious protection inside the box.


After you got the foam situation sorted out, you’ll arrive at something like this:


I came across the Kwaii Babble accidentally. There was a time when I feel the need to add more toy collection to decorate my living room. I already set my eyes on this beautifully made figure, also from Coarse, called Cancan. But when I was searching for a local store where Cancan was still available, I found the cute looking Kwaii Babble and decides that I should have this one instead. It has a slightly higher price tag but it was love at first sight.


“Instead of finding a home, Kwaii has become one” I think that’s deep.


So the name of this buffalo is just “Kwaii”. “Babble” is actually a type of Kwaii, the 7-inch and gray colored type, to be exact. There are other types such as “Phuak” and “Tuii” which are the 3.5-inch, white and black edition. Also there is a 7-inch, pink colored and even the glow in the dark version which I am too lazy to search what their names are. Some die hard collectors will want to get their hands on all of them while there are other collectors, like myself, who prefer to choose one of the version that they like the most.

And that is all about the Kwaii Babble, thanks for stoping by 😀


Mr. White Cloud, Miss Rainbow and Little Raindrop 

Lately I’ve been purchasing toys for the purpose of decorating my house. So not only that it has to look good, but I also take into consideration about its size and how it goes along with other stuffs in the room. I’m not saying that I hate the process, but there’s just a lot of things going on inside my head.

Now Mr. White Cloud, Miss Rainbow and Little Raindrop remind me of the good old days when buying toys was merely because I like how it looked. I think there should be no doubt that at some point in our life, we’re just going to miss those simpler days. Collecting toys is no exception.

These three figures are produced by a company called Fluffy House. They basically in the business of making cute and adorable characters.The concept of a man with a white cloud as his head is just clever. There are some online shops that sell clothing for Mr. White Cloud but I think his white-orange stripes t-shirt is already perfect. There is also another character called Mr. Dark Cloud which is a darker version of Mr.White Cloud. I choose this one because he looks more cheerful.

Miss Rainbow is another undoubtedly cute character. You don’t have to be a genius to guess where did she get her name. One thing to take note is that her head is also made from white I suspect that she is somehow related to Mr. White Cloud. Further investigation upon this matter is needed. She is also accompanied by a little duck named Chicky.

Little Raindrop is the smallest of the three. If they were actually related, he is definitely the little kid in the family. While some of the other toys out there gets a more favorable reviews because of their movable joints, some other toys maintain their simplicity by having very limited joints or even none at all. Customization, however, still plays an important role in displaying these figures. In response, Little Raindrop comes with thre different scarf. It is also very easy to pull a DIY on a scarf so you can just make it yourself if you decide that all of the scarf that comes in the box didn’t suit your fashion taste.

Overall having these three as my collection is very satisfying. The ultimate rule on buying a toy is that you have to love it at first sight and that is exactly what happened.

Omen Outburst


Omen Outburst Loser is a Vinyl Figure from a Hong Kong based company called Coarse. It is basically an owl..a cute one I could say.

Omen Outburst is a collaboration between Coarse and Rotofugi. It was released as a limited edition on 2015 San Diego Comic Convention. Even though it was released on SDCC, I am not actually went there to buy it. The Omen Outburst Loser can still be purchased on Rotofugi’s online store. That’s how I get it 😀


It measures around 7 inch tall. It’s wing, however, makes it look pretty wide. The Omen Outburst is in all matt finished except for the eyes. The very cheerful colors of its  face then becomes the center of attention because of its overall dark color combination.

There are two colors available for the Omen Outburst in the shop where I get this figure, yellow (they call it ‘lemon’) and black. Each cost the same amount of money but I choose to go with the black because I seek more simplicity out of this figure. Make no mistake, the yellow looks equally awesome too!

There are only 500 pieces of the Omen Outburst for each color. If I’m not mistaken, all figures from Coarse comes in a limited number.

IMG_0511The Omen Outburst Loser is by far my favorite figure in my collection. I purchase this mainly for decoration purpose and it did just that. It is placed comfortably in my living room to cheer up the whole house 😀

Classic Labbit

Labbit is a character by Frank Kozik. The idea, as you should have guessed, is a rabbit. As with any designer toys in the world, there are many artist customization using Labbit as a base. They are great but I always looking for the plain and simple look that make it feels more like an original version. On December 2016, Kidrobot released this black and white Classic Labbit as an answer to my wish.



The mustache is definitely a win! There is another version of Labbit called Smokin’ Labbit that replaces the mustache with a cigarette. My wife and I agree that mustache is cute and cigarette is bad so there you have it.



DSCF7158The black and white does not come as a set. They are sold separately with the same price. Both of them have a glossy finish. It is a fingerprint magnet, especially for the black one, but toys like these are meant to be put on a display and not often touched. The Classic Labbit is a 10 inch figure so it is pretty big but not as heavy as I thought it would be.


I get to take it home to Indonesia during winter break. I put one in my luggage and the other as carry on. See? not heavy. The Classic Labbit sits comfortably in my home right now, hoping that it brings a more cheerful vibe to the living room 😀

A Different Chapter

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything on this blog. Believe it or not, it’s been a busy life since my last toy review. One example is that I am currently living in New York City. I am here temporarily to pursue a Master Degree in Law. I will not go into the detail of my study because that is the boring part. The important highlight that I want to share about NYC is the easier access to a plethora of toys.


I am not saying that all of the toys are affordable (even though they are roughly cheaper compared to those in Indonesia) but at least I know that toys are usually available to get when I wish to own them. It is also not requiring any hard work to get them. I can literally walk to a LEGO Store, I have done an online purchase at it took only two days for it to arrive, and there is a very famous  designer toys store that is also in a walking distance from where I live.


A view from World Trade Center. I can spot my apartment from here 😀

New York City is amazing and getting the chance to live here is an important milestone in my life. No doubt this temporary settlement in NYC will somehow affect this blog differently and since my time here is quite short, I better make the best out of it.