Mr. White Cloud, Miss Rainbow and Little Raindrop 

Lately I’ve been purchasing toys for the purpose of decorating my house. So not only that it has to look good, but I also take into consideration about its size and how it goes along with other stuffs in the room. I’m not saying that I hate the process, but there’s just a lot of things going on inside my head.

Now Mr. White Cloud, Miss Rainbow and Little Raindrop remind me of the good old days when buying toys was merely because I like how it looked. I think there should be no doubt that at some point in our life, we’re just going to miss those simpler days. Collecting toys is no exception.

These three figures are produced by a company called Fluffy House. They basically in the business of making cute and adorable characters.The concept of a man with a white cloud as his head is just clever. There are some online shops that sell clothing for Mr. White Cloud but I think his white-orange stripes t-shirt is already perfect. There is also another character called Mr. Dark Cloud which is a darker version of Mr.White Cloud. I choose this one because he looks more cheerful.

Miss Rainbow is another undoubtedly cute character. You don’t have to be a genius to guess where did she get her name. One thing to take note is that her head is also made from white I suspect that she is somehow related to Mr. White Cloud. Further investigation upon this matter is needed. She is also accompanied by a little duck named Chicky.

Little Raindrop is the smallest of the three. If they were actually related, he is definitely the little kid in the family. While some of the other toys out there gets a more favorable reviews because of their movable joints, some other toys maintain their simplicity by having very limited joints or even none at all. Customization, however, still plays an important role in displaying these figures. In response, Little Raindrop comes with thre different scarf. It is also very easy to pull a DIY on a scarf so you can just make it yourself if you decide that all of the scarf that comes in the box didn’t suit your fashion taste.

Overall having these three as my collection is very satisfying. The ultimate rule on buying a toy is that you have to love it at first sight and that is exactly what happened.


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