Toys Action Shot #2

Hello everyone, time for some random toy shot that I have taken recently 😀 Just to remind you that I’ve previously write the first “Toys Action Shot” in November 2010 and decide that all random toy photograph will be named with that title 😀

In this second set of Toys Action Shot, you’ll find the Uglydolls as the main cast. Just like every boy who got their hands on a new toy, I tend to spoil the Uglydolls a lot, meaning that I take much photo of them compared to the other toys in my storage 😀 I also add this yellow creature called Jeero to the family ^^. For your information, these photos are already published in my Flickr page.

There’s a Monster in the Closet

Something ugly lies deep inside the closet…and he is known by the name of Trunko…be afraid…

Who’s That Handsome Creature?

Jeero could stand for hours figuring out why the person in the mirror looks just like him and Trunko…

Lost in Translation

Jeero and Trunko have a little problem in reading japanese alphabet..they first have to realize which one is the alphabet..

Different Timezone

Jeero claims that danbo’s big clock is showing the wrong time..If only Jeero realize that he is the one that’s holding the watch in the wrong way…

Here’s a little introduction to our new friend, Jeero. It was taken from the Uglydoll official site:

“Jeero wants to hang out with you.  Why?  He needs you.  Jeero thinks life is so complicated, so he needs you to comfort him.  Wage and Babo ask him so many questions, and he isn’t sure what makes them think he has any of the answers.  Maybe they think his red nose means he’s Jeero the wise.  Well he’s not!  What time is it?  Jeero has no idea.  How do you get from here to there?  Don’t ask…Jeero doesn’t know!  Jeero just wants to sit on the couch with you and eat some snacks.  Is that too much to ask?  Jeero doesn’t know, but he does know that you know it’s time for you to cancel your plans and hang out with the Uglydolls.”

Looks like there will be more fun along the way LoL


10 thoughts on “Toys Action Shot #2

  1. chubbybots says:

    Ah fantastic day to day shots of Jeero in action! Ugly dolls are so simply yet can evoke so much in the pictures. Sometimes simple toys bring out the greatest joy haha…

    • h4mster says:

      Agreed! That’s why I can’t resist getting more of these guys 😀 you don’t spent too much time on posing the figures, just put it somewhere and shoot it 😀

  2. hiroy_raind says:

    “Jeero and Trunko have a little problem in reading japanese alphabet..they first have to realize which one is the alphabet..”
    AHAHAHAHAHAH this is great XD

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