Kwaii Babble by Coarse x JPX

Hello everyone,

It’s been a really long time since I last post something in this blog…is anyone still reading this? lol.  Or is anyone still actually read these days? Well if you don’t read anymore, I’ve made this video in my spare time 😀

But if you still like to read something, there are two things: First, you are awesome. Second, here’s a written short review on one of my toy collection, the Kwaii Babble by the collaboration of Coarse Toys and JPX.


This 7 inch vinyl figure is designed by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, the same people who designed The Omen Outburst. The Kwaii Babble, aside of looking too darn cute for a vinyl figure, comes with a short story as its background.


…and, some pretty serious protection inside the box.


After you got the foam situation sorted out, you’ll arrive at something like this:


I came across the Kwaii Babble accidentally. There was a time when I feel the need to add more toy collection to decorate my living room. I already set my eyes on this beautifully made figure, also from Coarse, called Cancan. But when I was searching for a local store where Cancan was still available, I found the cute looking Kwaii Babble and decides that I should have this one instead. It has a slightly higher price tag but it was love at first sight.


“Instead of finding a home, Kwaii has become one” I think that’s deep.


So the name of this buffalo is just “Kwaii”. “Babble” is actually a type of Kwaii, the 7-inch and gray colored type, to be exact. There are other types such as “Phuak” and “Tuii” which are the 3.5-inch, white and black edition. Also there is a 7-inch, pink colored and even the glow in the dark version which I am too lazy to search what their names are. Some die hard collectors will want to get their hands on all of them while there are other collectors, like myself, who prefer to choose one of the version that they like the most.

And that is all about the Kwaii Babble, thanks for stoping by 😀


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