An Ugly Week

Hello, as I have announced on my previous post, I already finished my first photo project called “An Ugly Week”. This project showcase the story involving the Uglydolls in 7 days.¬†Although I’ve planned to start it on Monday, lots of things happened and I finally got the chance to start the whole thing on Thursday.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to welcome you to witness an Ugly WeekūüėÄ

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Toys Action Shot #3

I’ve been really busy for the past two weeks T.T and sad to say that there is no significant progress on the USS Enterprise nor any of my vinyl toys. It’s a good thing that I can still remember my wordpress password LoL. So, when there is nothing to write, it would certainly be the perfect moment for another round of Toys Action Shot ^^

Jeero: I think you should look behind you and start screaming

Wage: Well I think should find a better way to trick me..

Sometimes it is really hard when you have a friend like Jeero. You gotta have the ability to distinguished the serious stuff, the jokes, and the plain stupidity.

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Good morning everyone ^^

Continuing the review of my toy collection, this time I would like you to meet Wage‘s best friend, Babo.

Babo will protect you. Having a bad day? Someone giving you a hard time? Babo’s got your back. What Babo lacks in mind power, he makes up for in love. He’s everybody’s best friend. He will stick with you to the end and when something scary happens, he will send you a nice greeting card from wherever it is he runs away to. A very curious, mischievous creature, Babo may need some guidance and parenting, so make sure to bring him with you to as many places as possible. Leaving him at home is fine, but please put all cookies and money on the highest shelf.¬†-taken from the Uglydoll’s site.

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