An Ugly Week

Hello, as I have announced on my previous post, I already finished my first photo project called “An Ugly Week”. This project showcase the story involving the Uglydolls in 7 days.Ā Although I’ve planned to start it on Monday, lots of things happened and I finally got the chance to start the whole thing on Thursday.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to welcome you to witness an Ugly WeekšŸ˜€

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Toys Action Shot #3

I’ve been really busy for the past two weeks T.T and sad to say that there is no significant progress on the USS Enterprise nor any of my vinyl toys. It’s a good thing that I can still remember my wordpress password LoL. So, when there is nothing to write, it would certainly be the perfect moment for another round of Toys Action Shot ^^

Jeero: I think you should look behind you and start screaming

Wage: Well I think should find a better way to trick me..

Sometimes it is really hard when you have a friend like Jeero. You gotta have the ability toĀ distinguished the serious stuff, the jokes, and the plain stupidity.

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Dynamic Duo

Jeero: With my tricycle and your skateboard, we’re gonna rule the neighborhood!

Trunko: Let’s roll!

I found the tricycle and skateboard on a local toy storešŸ˜€ I knew right away that it would fit perfectly for the Uglydolls. A temporary lost of scale modeling mood in the morning, combined with the willingness to goof around with my camera and toys, is the ingredients to produce this picture. Hope you like this onešŸ˜€

New Photoshoot Properties

Hello guys,

After I started a full day job last year, it becomes a bit difficult for me to take my figures outside and shot them in various type of background. As you can see that most of my figure photoshots were taken indoor, which is inside my apartment, and there is a risk that the environment of my place could become a bit boring at a certain time. So I gotta make something that my figure collections were being photographed as if they are not in my apartment.

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