Classic Labbit

Labbit is a character by Frank Kozik. The idea, as you should have guessed, is a rabbit. As with any designer toys in the world, there are many artist customization using Labbit as a base. They are great but I always looking for the plain and simple look that make it feels more like an original version. On December 2016, Kidrobot released this black and white Classic Labbit as an answer to my wish.



The mustache is definitely a win! There is another version of Labbit called Smokin’ Labbit that replaces the mustache with a cigarette. My wife and I agree that mustache is cute and cigarette is bad so there you have it.



DSCF7158The black and white does not come as a set. They are sold separately with the same price. Both of them have a glossy finish. It is a fingerprint magnet, especially for the black one, but toys like these are meant to be put on a display and not often touched. The Classic Labbit is a 10 inch figure so it is pretty big but not as heavy as I thought it would be.


I get to take it home to Indonesia during winter break. I put one in my luggage and the other as carry on. See? not heavy. The Classic Labbit sits comfortably in my home right now, hoping that it brings a more cheerful vibe to the living room😀

Nendoroid Solid Snake

Many would agree that Metal Gear Solid on Playstation 1 was revolutionary, but for me the experience was very personal. Metal Gear Solid was the first game that I have completed on my own. Onward, the Metal Gear series becomes one of my favourite video game franchise.  Solid Snake himself  becomes a legend in video game. So when Solid Snake is deformed into a nendoroid, it is definitely good news.

DSCF4277Solid Snake comes with several iconic accessories. The weapons, for example, is the SOCOM Pistols and FAMAS rifle. Both are basic weapon for Solid Snake during his mission in Shadow Moses Island. For the sake of old times (I think), this nendoroid also comes with a pixelated head like the original Solid Snake used to look like. It kind of make sense to not have him with multiple faceplate because well..Solid Snake did not have that many face expression back in those old times.


What I really like about this particular nendoroid is the movable joints. I am absent from collecting nendoroids for quite some time and I did not know if the current nendos are equipped with these joints. It is really good for figure photography and it decrease the number of body parts in a set of nendoroid. These movable joints allows nendo Solid Snake to pose drop on his knee while receiving a codec transmission.


Oh, and one more thing, it is not Solid Snake if he quits smoking…


Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!


One of the moment  I find difficult to move on is after I watched The LEGO Movie back in 2014. Up until now, I still feel entertained and laugh at the jokes in that movie. I think my wife knew about this, because she decided to give me a Benny’s Spaceship Lego set as a present for my birthday back in April.

Benny is the 80’s something space guy who is obsessed with building a spaceship. As you might probably guessed, he didn’t have the chance to build a spaceship. However, when he finally did have a chance, he create this really huge spaceship, take his friends on board and give the bad guys a hard time while he shouts “Spaceship!” over and over again. That scene was hilarious.

Benny’s spaceship contains  940 pieces of Lego bricks. It was quite a lot and I find it perfect to build in my spare time during weekends. The bricks are mainly in blue and grey color. Some of them have Benny’s space logo printed on it but mostly it is in form of stickers. The size of the completed spaceship is quite big so it is too bad that it does not come with some kind of LEGO stand.



Other than Benny, I also receive Wyldstyle and Unikity in blue space suit as well as Emmet with his disguise as the robot. Also included in this set is one of President Business’ crew with his small spaceship. One of the cool feature of Benny’s Spaceship is the 2 smaller spaceship that could be detached from the main spaceship wings.

Personally, a LEGO spaceship takes me back to the 90s. The greatest time to live your childhood, some people said. Most of the LEGO that I build when I was a kid are space-themed. I don’t do buildings or cars or animals…I only make sci-fi spaceship.

Overall the spaceship’s detail is great. One of the example is on Unikitty command room inside the spaceship. Although it may differ slightly compared to the movie, but you won’t even notice it. The wings are expandable, therefore it makes this set fun to play with and look nicely on your display cabinet.

The Simpsons LEGO Minifigures

Hello folks,

Let’s talk about the Simpsons LEGO Minifigure. As a big fan of The Simpsons, seeing the characters turned into a Minifigure by one of my favorite toy line is just a dream come true. Also, this is the first of LEGO Minifigure series that I manage to gather in full set.


Just like any LEGO Minifigure, this set have 18 characters, each with their unique items. The unique items are the signature of each character such as saxophone for Lisa or Doughnuts for Homer.


Let’s start with the main casts. The Simpsons themselves. I got Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. When it comes to the Simpsons Minifigure, one at least should have the entire family member. My personal favorite is Bart because of his skateboard.


Next is Grampa, which is also a Simpsons family member, Ned Flanders, and Millhouse. If you noticed on the newspaper hold by Grampa and Millhouse’s comic book, the characters is also drawn in dorm of LEGO. I think this is an incredible attention to detail.


Chief Wiggum and his son, Ralph. What I love about the Simpsons character is how they make a stereotype out of all kinds of people. A fat policeman that is addicted to doughnuts and never get his job right is one of the example.


While LEGO did an amazing head sculpture for the characters, the body is still using a standard LEGO minifigure pieces. Mr. Burns, Apu, Krusty, and Nelson for example, have different body size in the cartoon but you cannot really see it here.


Finally, the Simpsons’ own rendition of Tom & Jerry, it’s Itchy and Scratchy. They look ready to kill each other. These two are the only character in the set that wields weapon as their accessory.

The Simpsons LEGO Minifigure is a great addition to my toy collection. Right now, series 2 of these Minifigure is already released and I am also eager to collect them all.

LEGO 75028: Clone Turbo Tank Microfighters

Hello guys,

Time for another review for one of the Star Wars Microfighters Lego Set. Right now is all about the Clone Turbo Tank (Set Number 75028). Clone Turbo Tank official name is the HAVw A6 Juggernaut. Pretty cool name if you ask me. This vehicle  appears in the Battle of Khasyyyk. The Microfighters version is very cute and look like one of those vehicle you could find in an amusement park.

Let’s start with the box-art.

I always thought that the Clone Turbo Tank which appears in the movie is really cool. So when Lego made the Microfighters version of it, I fell for it right away. Just like any other Microfighters, you can see the image of the Minifigures riding their deformed vehicle.

The Minifigure included in this set is the Clone Trooper. The Clone Trooper might be famous for their mask, but here you can see what is underneath. There is no optional face expression though, because it will be useless. You’ll also get one blaster for him.

Clone Turbo Tank

The details of the Clone Turbo Tank still look amazing in this mini vehicle. Those ten wheels of the Clone Turbo Tank make it look fierce.

Clone Turbo Tank

Clone Turbo Tank

There are a total of 96 pieces to build it. It was an easy build but still a lot of fun. And here’s a picture of an example when The Clone Turbo Tank falls to the wrong hands.

Clone Turbo Tank