The Simpsons LEGO Minifigures

Hello folks,

Let’s talk about the Simpsons LEGO Minifigure. As a big fan of The Simpsons, seeing the characters turned into a Minifigure by one of my favorite toy line is just a dream come true. Also, this is the first of LEGO Minifigure series that I manage to gather in full set.


Just like any LEGO Minifigure, this set have 18 characters, each with their unique items. The unique items are the signature of each character such as saxophone for Lisa or Doughnuts for Homer.


Let’s start with the main casts. The Simpsons themselves. I got Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. When it comes to the Simpsons Minifigure, one at least should have the entire family member. My personal favorite is Bart because of his skateboard.


Next is Grampa, which is also a Simpsons family member, Ned Flanders, and Millhouse. If you noticed on the newspaper hold by Grampa and Millhouse’s comic book, the characters is also drawn in dorm of LEGO. I think this is an incredible attention to detail.


Chief Wiggum and his son, Ralph. What I love about the Simpsons character is how they make a stereotype out of all kinds of people. A fat policeman that is addicted to doughnuts and never get his job right is one of the example.


While LEGO did an amazing head sculpture for the characters, the body is still using a standard LEGO minifigure pieces. Mr. Burns, Apu, Krusty, and Nelson for example, have different body size in the cartoon but you cannot really see it here.


Finally, the Simpsons’ own rendition of Tom & Jerry, it’s Itchy and Scratchy. They look ready to kill each other. These two are the only character in the set that wields weapon as their accessory.

The Simpsons LEGO Minifigure is a great addition to my toy collection. Right now, series 2 of these Minifigure is already released and I am also eager to collect them all.

LEGO 75028: Clone Turbo Tank Microfighters

Hello guys,

Time for another review for one of the Star Wars Microfighters Lego Set. Right now is all about the Clone Turbo Tank (Set Number 75028). Clone Turbo Tank official name is the HAVw A6 Juggernaut. Pretty cool name if you ask me. This vehicle  appears in the Battle of Khasyyyk. The Microfighters version is very cute and look like one of those vehicle you could find in an amusement park.

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The Tiny Universe: Landmark


The citizens of Tiny Universe also love to travel the world. There are some, if you wondering, man-made marvels that fit their size. And they do have some similarities that they share with us. One of them is to know how to strike a pose in front of those landmarks.