LEGO 75028: Clone Turbo Tank Microfighters

Hello guys,

Time for another review for one of the Star Wars Microfighters Lego Set. Right now is all about the Clone Turbo Tank (Set Number 75028). Clone Turbo Tank official name is the HAVw A6 Juggernaut. Pretty cool name if you ask me. This vehicle  appears in the Battle of Khasyyyk. The Microfighters version is very cute and look like one of those vehicle you could find in an amusement park.

Let’s start with the box-art.

I always thought that the Clone Turbo Tank which appears in the movie is really cool. So when Lego made the Microfighters version of it, I fell for it right away. Just like any other Microfighters, you can see the image of the Minifigures riding their deformed vehicle.

The Minifigure included in this set is the Clone Trooper. The Clone Trooper might be famous for their mask, but here you can see what is underneath. There is no optional face expression though, because it will be useless. You’ll also get one blaster for him.

Clone Turbo Tank

The details of the Clone Turbo Tank still look amazing in this mini vehicle. Those ten wheels of the Clone Turbo Tank make it look fierce.

Clone Turbo Tank

Clone Turbo Tank

There are a total of 96 pieces to build it. It was an easy build but still a lot of fun. And here’s a picture of an example when The Clone Turbo Tank falls to the wrong hands.

Clone Turbo Tank

LEGO 75030: Millennium Falcon Microfighters

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to write a review about this new Lego Set in my arsenal. This is the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars Microfighters Lego Set (Set Number 75030). For those who don’t know what a Millennium Falcon is (seriously!?), I advise you to stop humiliate yourself and conduct immediate research about this iconic starship.

Let’s start off with the box-art

I always judge a Lego Set by its cover and this one is found guilty for leaving an empty space in my wallet. The picture of Han Solo riding a mini Millennium Falcon is just hard to resist. I’m a sucker when it comes to deformed things. In the back of the box, they show that there are more Microfighters to collect and therefore leaves you with this incomplete feeling if you don’t collect them all.

Moving on to the Minifigure.

Han Solo 1

Han Solo 2

The Millennium Falcon Microfighters include 1 minifigure. It’s the pilot, Han Solo. There are two expressions, the smiling one and the serious face. You’ll also get one blaster for Han Solo. The Millennium Falcon Microfighter is better in terms of minifigures if you compare it with the other Microfighters. This one supplies you with a main character while the others only provide you with grunts.

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

Even though it’s small and cute, the details of Millennium Falcon is still incredibly represented. It somehow still looks very complex, while it is very easy to build. Several clear blue bricks are used to show the Millennium Falcon’s jet in the rear. There are no stickers involved in this set, and that is a great news.

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

There are a total of 94 pieces to build it. The building process was a real walk in the park if I must say. It was done in about ten minutes and I don’t even enter my hyperdrive mode. I guess that’s what happen if you built a small Lego set using the instruction booklet. I would really like to try some of the bigger Lego Set like the modular buildings to have more fun in the process.

That is all for today’s review, thanks for reading😀

@toyphotographyID Challenge: Cool But Cute

This challenge actually ended a month ago. The theme for the toy photography challenge organized by toygraphyID in Instagram this week is “cool but cute”.

Cool but Cute

“Cool but cute” in my interpretation (since there is a freedom to interpret every theme of the challenge…) is about showing something vicious in a cute way. Posing Black Ox in a cute way once crossed my mind but then because he was an old school Revoltech, it is a bit hard to pose him. I wonder if today’s newly released Revoltech already has different joints compared to Black Ox? Finally, I decide that interaction between the subjects in the photo could form the best cute factor for this theme😀. Besides, making Black Ox lying down like that saves me the time and trouble to keep him in balance.

It’s been a very long time since I the last time I take Black Ox out of his box. Let me tell you, it is so nostalgic that it feels really good. In the end, this photo was appointed as the Runner-Up for the challenge😀