Back in Business ^^

Hello everyone :D I’m back again!

After my three weeks of military camp, I finally have some time to blog again. So how was my military training? Well, it was okay…okay according to military standard that is :D There is a lot of push-up, running, and sun bathing (no tanks T.T). The most interesting part is that I get to know how are the life of the real military┬ápersonnel. I’m surprised that they have to endure all of those crazy training everyday, having not that much salary for an Indonesian standard, but their loyalty to the State is without a doubt..that’s amazing. The training was hard┬ábut overall I enjoyed it…first because I had no choice, and second, because there are 142 people in that training, so if I suffer, at least I’m not alone LoL

Now lets talk about what happen after I get back from the camp. Remember in my last post I talk about buying something big in October? Since I’m not being robbed and still alive after the camp, I finally decide to go for it. This is what’s new in October:

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