McDonald’s Hello Kitty Plush Toys

Hello Kitty is probably one of the most recognizable fiction character in the world. Its expressionless face has been all over the place. Created by a Japanese company called Sanrio, Hello Kitty was originally aimed for pre-adolescent female market. Now, there are many rendition of Hello Kitty and the one that I am going to talk about is just a small example.


The story starts when my wife told me that she was having McDonald’s for for dinner and stumbled upon these 4 versions of Hello Kitty. As you can guess, these are Hello Kitty as McD’s mascots. So my wife intended to buy it for my daughter but is also hooked me instead.


These are not happy meal by the way. You could buy these as long as you purchase anything on the menu. From left to right, there is Ronald, Hamburglar, Grimace and Birdie. All of them are plush doll that measures at height. By the way did you know that Hello Kitty’s official height is five apples while her weight is 3 apples? Anyway, Me and my wife are a big fans of plush dolls, especially when it comes to picking toys for our daughter.



Make no mistake though, these plush toys comes in a good looking box. Therefore some people at the older age would consider it worth collecting, especially for those hardcore Hello Kitty fans.


Some Nendos and a Domo

Hi folks, we meet again :D

This time, I would like to show you the loots I gathered in the Jakarta Toys & Comic Fair 2012 not long ago. In that event, I bought 3 Nendoroids, and a 2 inch Domo Action Figure :D. It burns a pretty deep hole in my wallet. I would like to justify my action with the argument that “Toys Fair does not happen everyday” LoL. So let’s just start the tour with some photos I’ve taken with those new Nendos and a Domo :D

Nendoroid Hirasawa Ui

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Revoltech: Wall-E


I would like to share with you this new toy in my collection, coming from the Revoltech’s Pixar Figure Collection line, this is Wall-E :D


My last Revoltech was the Gloomy Bear, and it was a long time ago. For all that time in between, I didn’t really follow what’s new on Japanese toys. But Wall-E is a totally different story. First of all, I love the movie. Second is that I already though that he could become a wonderful photo object. The search for a Wall-E action figure went for quite sometime, until I got this news that Revoltech is going to give Wall-E that special spot in the Pixar line. So it went on my buying list immediately. And this is my first toy of 2012 ^^

” Wall-E could not get the camera hood off him :(

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Android Mini Collectibles

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen :D

I recently purchase these Android Mini Collectibles from a local shop. Always wanted to grab one of these robots and I’m pretty happy that I finally got them :D Right now, I got three Androids from Series 02.

I always thought that getting a blind boxed toys is very dangerous. Let me illustrate how these toys could turn into bad news right after you open the box.:

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