Daily Domo: Part 1

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me introduce a creature that needs no introduction…ok, I feel like something is wrong with my statement right there, but anyway, please welcome: Domo.

If you don’t know who Domo is, I assume that you live in some pre-historic cave. I mean, Domo is so famous, I heard that in some countries, you could get arrested if you don’t know who he is. But since I’m here to help, I’m gonna explain briefly about Domo..and my explanation is gonna be so brief that I’m just going to give you a Wikipedia link about Domo, here it is😀 If there is someone who could not get his mouth shut but somehow still very lovable, then we are definitely talking about Domo.

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How About Some Photography Projects

Hello everyone,

As you know, I left this blog untouched for almost 2 weeks now. Leaving a blog for that period of time is long enough for me to forget my wordpress password😀 It was a cliche excuse but I’m just gonna say it anyway: I am getting too busy with my job. Getting home late every day could really bring your blogging mood downhill and it also drag your creativity along with it. But, I see a clear future ahead of me (at least for a week ahead) and I would like to celebrate it with a small toy photography project:

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