Nendoroid Solid Snake

Many would agree that Metal Gear Solid on Playstation 1 was revolutionary, but for me the experience was very personal. Metal Gear Solid was the first game that I have completed on my own. Onward, the Metal Gear series becomes one of my favourite video game franchise.  Solid Snake himself  becomes a legend in video game. So when Solid Snake is deformed into a nendoroid, it is definitely good news.

DSCF4277Solid Snake comes with several iconic accessories. The weapons, for example, is the SOCOM Pistols and FAMAS rifle. Both are basic weapon for Solid Snake during his mission in Shadow Moses Island. For the sake of old times (I think), this nendoroid also comes with a pixelated head like the original Solid Snake used to look like. It kind of make sense to not have him with multiple faceplate because well..Solid Snake did not have that many face expression back in those old times.


What I really like about this particular nendoroid is the movable joints. I am absent from collecting nendoroids for quite some time and I did not know if the current nendos are equipped with these joints. It is really good for figure photography and it decrease the number of body parts in a set of nendoroid. These movable joints allows nendo Solid Snake to pose drop on his knee while receiving a codec transmission.


Oh, and one more thing, it is not Solid Snake if he quits smoking…


@toyphotographyID Challenge: Cool But Cute

This challenge actually ended a month ago. The theme for the toy photography challenge organized by toygraphyID in Instagram this week is “cool but cute”.

Cool but Cute

“Cool but cute” in my interpretation (since there is a freedom to interpret every theme of the challenge…) is about showing something vicious in a cute way. Posing Black Ox in a cute way once crossed my mind but then because he was an old school Revoltech, it is a bit hard to pose him. I wonder if today’s newly released Revoltech already has different joints compared to Black Ox? Finally, I decide that interaction between the subjects in the photo could form the best cute factor for this theme😀. Besides, making Black Ox lying down like that saves me the time and trouble to keep him in balance.

It’s been a very long time since I the last time I take Black Ox out of his box. Let me tell you, it is so nostalgic that it feels really good. In the end, this photo was appointed as the Runner-Up for the challenge😀

Long Time No Post

Hello again folks!

How long has it been? I guess it’s already more than a month since I post anything in this blog. I’ve been too busy😀 Please take note that what I mean by “busy” is spending every night playing video, video games these days are so expensive they make you feel guilty if you don’t spent quality time with it..


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The Greener Activity, and Why I Deserve a Punch in the Face

Hello everyone, time for some random post derived from my random thoughts😀

Since the world has this regular bad news called pollution and global warming, we are being encouraged to be greener than usual. Going literal with the green campaign, some of my toys decide to grow these “green living things” in the backyard (please note that these “green living things” is not an Alien….although Alien is awesome).

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