An Ugly Week

Hello, as I have announced on my previous post, I already finished my first photo project called “An Ugly Week”. This project showcase the story involving the Uglydolls in 7 days. Although I’ve planned to start it on Monday, lots of things happened and I finally got the chance to start the whole thing on Thursday.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to welcome you to witness an Ugly Week😀

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How About Some Photography Projects

Hello everyone,

As you know, I left this blog untouched for almost 2 weeks now. Leaving a blog for that period of time is long enough for me to forget my wordpress password😀 It was a cliche excuse but I’m just gonna say it anyway: I am getting too busy with my job. Getting home late every day could really bring your blogging mood downhill and it also drag your creativity along with it. But, I see a clear future ahead of me (at least for a week ahead) and I would like to celebrate it with a small toy photography project:

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