December Shopping Cart

This is going to be one of those posts categorized as “Loot Post”. You know, when people write about the recent stuff that they have bought. As far as I remember, I never did any kind of loot post before. Basically because I have no loots to write about LoL. But this December is a bit different, maybe because there is this Toys Fair in the beginning of December, the MWFI 2011, Christmas discount and Christmas Bonus…all the event that lead to this:

 Yeah…I am my own Santa Claus 😀

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In Progress>>USS Enterprise>>Part 3

After a long and very slow progress, I finally have some updates on this massive build.

The color of USS Enterprise is unique. Even though it seems like an all around light gray in the movies or in the box art, when you take a look at the manual, there is this pattern and combination of light and darker gray. This pattern is known as the Aztec Pattern. Usually, a USS Enterprise kit comes with a big decals to create this pattern. Unfortunately, this one I’m building right here, have no decals at all T.T So I have to create the Aztec Pattern in any way possible.

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Kit Scavenging

Hello guys, been along time since my last post, but here I am again trying to squeeze my brain to find something to write in Hobby Heaven LoL. During this absent times of bloging, I went on a trip back to my hometown. FYI, there are still some model kits that I left behind there and I plan to bring it to where I’m living now. So while I’m there, I’m picking a scale model that I wish to take back to Jakarta.

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