Jakarta Toys & Comic Fair 2012

Hello everyone😀

Last week there was this awesome event happens in my city. It’s the annual Toys & Comic Fair😀. first of all, let’s not start on comparing this event with those convention held in San Diego or Singapore…but here, this one is considered as the biggest Toys Fair held in Indonesia. It was my first time attending this event, I only used to attend the Year End Toys Attack and it was not as big as the one held this March.

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PhotoQuest: Bangka Island

Hello everyone,

Last weekend, I went on a trip to this beautiful island called Bangka. The main reason I went there is to attend my friend’s wedding party. But everyone says that Bangka  is famous for its amazing beaches, so I went there not only for the party

Bangka Island is located in the famous Bangka Belitung Province. It is located in the northeastern side of South Sumatera Province. It took an hour flight straight from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang, the capital city of the province. There are already lot of flights available so you can choose the one that suit your schedule and your wallet😀

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MWFI 2011: Munny Competition Showcase

Hello guys,

I would like to do some sort of field report on the event that I have recently joined, the Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011. It was opened in 9th December 2011 and closed tonight, 11th December 2011. The highlight of the event was on 10th December 2011 though..the day they held the Munny On-the-Spot Competition and winner announcement.

I’m gonna divide the coverage into 3 posts, the Munny Competition Showcase, On-The-Spot Competition, and Toys Exhibition. Each post contains tons of photos because I  took photos of almost every entry on that event😀 So let’s start, first coverage: Munny Competition Showcase!

The Munny Competition Showcase is the main event in MWFI 2011. The showcase was held in Plastic Culture. Plastic Culture is the biggest designer toy store in Indonesia. The V4 Munny that is used for the competition is available here for IDR 350.000. Think of it as a registration fee. Expensive? maybe, but once you manage to submit the Munny before the deadline, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Munny On-the-Spot Copetition, which means: Mini Munny for free ^^

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