PhotoQuest: Bangka Island

Hello everyone,

Last weekend, I went on a trip to this beautiful island called Bangka. The main reason I went there is to attend my friend’s wedding party. But everyone says that Bangka  is famous for its amazing beaches, so I went there not only for the party

Bangka Island is located in the famous Bangka Belitung Province. It is located in the northeastern side of South Sumatera Province. It took an hour flight straight from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang, the capital city of the province. There are already lot of flights available so you can choose the one that suit your schedule and your wallet :D

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Behind The Scene: Wage’s Sweet Shop

Hello again good folks ^^

Last week I posted some photos of Wage’s Sweet Shop. I’m happy to say that the response of that set of photos both here in this blog and outside are great. The whole idea of the photoshoot was already in my head for a long time, but I need to find the photo props  (and buy more Uglydolls) that are perfect to create the scene.

Once I gather all the materials, the project started. It took a whole day to create the scene but it sure was fun ^^.  I also took some photos of the WIP, so I’ll let the pictures do more of the talking :D

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December Shopping Cart

This is going to be one of those posts categorized as “Loot Post”. You know, when people write about the recent stuff that they have bought. As far as I remember, I never did any kind of loot post before. Basically because I have no loots to write about LoL. But this December is a bit different, maybe because there is this Toys Fair in the beginning of December, the MWFI 2011, Christmas discount and Christmas Bonus…all the event that lead to this:

 Yeah…I am my own Santa Claus :D

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Toys Action Shot #5

Hello guys, let’s talk about something I’m sure everyone is familiar with, Books!

Books will help Danbo to see the future

I used to read Novels as a hobby…Back in the days, I could finish a thousand pages just in a week. Now, the only  written on paper materials that I read are work related stuff, magazines and manga. Books have become an important part of my life though. Here are the reasons why:

1. It helps me get through my college days.

2. Novels like Lord of the Ring or Harry Potter is an example of entertainment at its finest.

3. Some books are so boring that it helps me to fall asleep when I really need the rest :D

4. Stack those books up, and I got myself am alternative for camera tripod

See..can’t figure out anything that is more useful than a book :D Do you also have “reading” in your list of hobbies? or it has become the thing in the past  just like me?