Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!


One of the moment  I find difficult to move on is after I watched The LEGO Movie back in 2014. Up until now, I still feel entertained and laugh at the jokes in that movie. I think my wife knew about this, because she decided to give me a Benny’s Spaceship Lego set as a present for my birthday back in April.

Benny is the 80’s something space guy who is obsessed with building a spaceship. As you might probably guessed, he didn’t have the chance to build a spaceship. However, when he finally did have a chance, he create this really huge spaceship, take his friends on board and give the bad guys a hard time while he shouts “Spaceship!” over and over again. That scene was hilarious.

Benny’s spaceship contains  940 pieces of Lego bricks. It was quite a lot and I find it perfect to build in my spare time during weekends. The bricks are mainly in blue and grey color. Some of them have Benny’s space logo printed on it but mostly it is in form of stickers. The size of the completed spaceship is quite big so it is too bad that it does not come with some kind of LEGO stand.



Other than Benny, I also receive Wyldstyle and Unikity in blue space suit as well as Emmet with his disguise as the robot. Also included in this set is one of President Business’ crew with his small spaceship. One of the cool feature of Benny’s Spaceship is the 2 smaller spaceship that could be detached from the main spaceship wings.

Personally, a LEGO spaceship takes me back to the 90s. The greatest time to live your childhood, some people said. Most of the LEGO that I build when I was a kid are space-themed. I don’t do buildings or cars or animals…I only make sci-fi spaceship.

Overall the spaceship’s detail is great. One of the example is on Unikitty command room inside the spaceship. Although it may differ slightly compared to the movie, but you won’t even notice it. The wings are expandable, therefore it makes this set fun to play with and look nicely on your display cabinet.


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