The Super Cycle

Recently, I received a very awesome birthday present from my wife. It was  The Super Cycle Chase LEGO Set that comes from The LEGO Movie . This set mainly consist of two vehicle, first is the Super Cycle that was build by Wyldstyle to get away from the Super Secret Police and second is the Humvee-look like Super SWAT Vehicle. Both vehicle are going to be published in a separate post and the Super Cycle is going first.

Super CycleThe protagonist in this Set are Emmet and Wyldstyle. You can choose to equip Emmet with the Piece of Resistance on his back and also turn his head around to show his scared-screaming face.


Both of them seats comfortably on the Super Cycle.


SONY DSCIn the movie, the Super Cycle was built by Wyldstyle from various item. So it cannot transform into another normal LEGO vehicle. The good part is, it looks totally out of this world.



SONY DSCWell, this is the first LEGO Set that I’ve build. It was really fun and stress relieving 😀




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