LEGO Creationary Diary – September 2013

Hello folks,

Time for another round of my LEGO Creationary Diary 😀 I gotta say that for the September’s diary, it’s going to be a little bit hard for you and me. I had difficult time on building some of the image on the card and I believe you’ll have a tough time on guessing what it is..for example, let’s just take a look at the LEGO I create above.

So here goes:

and here is the card:


See? that cloud was really hard to build. The end result was not very satisfying either 😦 . I imagine that if I was on the role to guess it, I would have failed. But then, I also couldn’t come up with any better idea…

Now let’s move on to the second batch of LEGO Creationary build, here goes:

Just in case you have no idea, here’s the card:


I’m guessing that you have a hard time knowing the yellow thing was a fish right? If we were playing face to face, I could give you signs like moving the LEGO piece in  a fish-like movement 😀

Well, that is all for today’s diary and see you in the next session ^^


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