Glow In The Dark Munny

It’s been more than a year since I paint my last Munny.  This time I would like to draw something in this very unique, the glow in the dark version of Munny.


Just like any “glow in the dark” version of things, this Munny has this green-ish default color. I actually bought this one by accident. I never intended to go for a glow in the dark version and as usual, I bought the original white version. I received the box, take it home, and when I open it, I got this little guy instead. Since it has the same price and because I’m just too lazy to exchange it in the store, I just settle with this one 😀


The Munny looks really cool when all lights goes off like the picture above. I plan to use only black color to decorate it and leave some glow in the dark pattern on it. I think that is the propper way to treat this Munny because a full cover of paint is just a waste of the “glow in the dark” feature that this Munny have. Besides, if you enter “glow in the dark Munny custom” in Google search engine, it will show that there are a lot of people who agreed on the same idea 😀

Stay tune for more updates, folks 🙂


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