LEGO Creationary Diary – August 2013

Hello guys,

This time I would like to show my LEGO Bricks creation that was build based on the LEGO Creationary Card.

Creationary_1 Collage

Can you guess what I’m trying to build on the picture above? I really hope that you could 😀 . In case you have absolutely no idea,  or maybe you’re just not really sure about your guess, allow me to show you the card which my LEGO creations above are based on:


The next set of LEGO Build of this month is this one:

Creationary_2 Collage

The hardest build in the second set was the LEGO in bottom-right of the collage. Now let me show you the card 😀 :


I plan to post  my LEGO Creationary build on this blog in form of monthly diary. There will at least be a post each month until my cards run out, I hope I could keep up with the routine schedule. This LEGO Creationary Diary will hopefully serve as a guide for those whose ideas are stuck in building a LEGO Creationary, it could also serves as a place for suggestion if you think my build is just too ugly, or even as a place for discussion if you and me have no idea on how to build something.

I hope that you’ll enjoy it folks 😀


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