LEGO Creationary

LEGO Creationary is a game based on your skill and creativity with LEGO Bricks. When it is not used to be played together, this set is perfect to enhance your skill. At least that is what I am hoping for 😀


“LEGO people playing LEGO Creationary…”

So the game is ideally played by more than two peoples. The basic rule is simple, one person build something using the bricks while the other guess what he’s trying to build. If someone answer correctly, both the builder and the person who got the right answer will receive a point. At the beginning of the round, the builder will have to throw the dice before drawing a card that shows what he will have to build. On the card, there are four drawings and they are divided into different categories which are Nature, Buildings, Vehicle, and Things.  The builder will have to build one of the pictures in the card based on the categories that they have received when they are throwing the dice. The card itself has three levels of difficulties shown by the question mark on the back side of the card. The more question mark that it has, the picture will be more difficult to build and to interpret.


Every picture in the card should only be build using the brick provided in the box. There is enough variety to build anything and since it relies on creativity and imagination, sometimes you don’t have to build and exact replica of the picture as long as someone understand what you are trying to build.


For me, the LEGO Creationary is not only fun to play with, but also becomes the right platform to exercise :D.


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