Starting the LEGO Adventure

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to annouce that I have drowned myself in the wonderfull world of LEGO Bricks. I voluntarily jump in and let me tell you this, it really feels like I’m re-living my wonderful childhood days.


I have to admit that LEGO Bricks are not cheap. The amount of money spent on LEGO is more or less the same with scale modelling.  What makes it worth the money is because I could spend a lot of time only on one product, basically just like scale models.  I decide to go LEGO because I can’t continue building scale models (this also explains why there are no updates about that topic 😀 ).  In my previous post, I mentioned that because I live in a small apartment, airbrushing a scale model becomes an issue because the room is not well ventilated. I manage to find a way by airbrushing in the bathroom because there is a good exhaust system there. I thought that the problem is solved and I even manage to complete the M4A3 Sherman and the Bergepanzer. I realized that there was still a problem when my mom visit me in my apartment and she smells something “chemical” inside. Maybe I didn’t realize it because I was already used to the smell but it is clear that there is still some toxic in the air even my scale models are already finished a long time ago.

Now, with me and my wife expecting for the little h4mster Mk.2 to be born, I just want to provide a healthy living environment to the mother and the baby inside 😀 Scale modeling can wait until I get a well-ventilated living space. Then comes the LEGO temptation…I can’t resist. LEGO possesed a choking hazard for kids below 3 years old, but even though I don’t have a well ventilated apartment, there are plenty of high places where baby can’t reach so I could make sure that it is safe.


“two penguins”

For a start, I purchased a LEGO Basic Brick last month. It contains a brick-shaped LEGO in various color and sizes. There is no slope-shaped, hook, or wheels, so they are not kidding when they call it “Basic”. I think this one is the perfect set for me since I aim to (hopefully) go creative with LEGO. The two penguins above is build based on the box, so it is not my original idea :D.  You might also already knew that there are themed LEGO like Superheros, Star Wars, City and all the others. It is another evil form of LEGO temptation but thankfully my budget is keeping me off buying any of those 😀



Here’s the difference between building a scale model and LEGO: unlike scale model where it is clear about what I’m about to build, with LEGO bricks I kinda hope that you will always get the idea of what I’m trying to build  LoL. Aside from the basic set, I also already acquire 3 minifigures from the 10th series, I haven’t take any photos of them so perhaps I tell you stories about them in another post :D.

So far it has been fun ^^


8 thoughts on “Starting the LEGO Adventure

  1. chubbybots says:

    Same here, less mods and more straight builds/photography for me ^^. Have to cater to our MK IIs haha…

    Anyway when the little one grows up you can pass the lego to them, both educational and fun!

  2. natacus says:

    Very nice, I wish you luck in your journey, If its not too much trouble perhaps you could check out my lego blog? if may be of some interest to you. Best of luck.

  3. darkandchoco/暗いとチョコ says:

    I love legos! Despite their expensive prices, they really develop your imagination and creative skills as well as maybe a precursor to engineering haha~! When I have a kid in the future, I’ll be buying him lots of legos to play with instead of electronic devices or Ipads or whatnot, sad to see most parents today just let their kids play on their tablets all day long.. XD

    • h4mster says:

      Yeah, I agree that kids should not become too addicted with tablets and parents should try to avoid it…but I also believe that it is easier to said than done 🙂 I think LEGO could help in this kind of situation because it’ll give them the variety of entertainment that they probably seek. At least it works for me when I was little 😀

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