Popconasia 2013

Popcon is short for “Popular Culture Convention”. It is an event to celebrate creative industry such as comic, movie, animation, games and designer toys. Even though it says “Asia” on the name, based on my observation, the participants are mostly local Indonesian Artist. Nevertheless, the amount of artwork that exist in that place makes it definitely worth the visit.





One of the main attraction is of course, the live drawing performances by various artist. These days the medium for painting are limitless. Paper is classic and still used for daily art purposes but now you can find art in form of drawing made in computers or on a Dunny. 


Deformed Marvel’s character, so cute 😀


an artist is gives a finishing touches on what seems to be a Wolverine comic


a live drawing by Woes Martin


a custom Dunny also by Woes Martin



You can’t have an event like this without somthing on sale! Most of the artist sell their artworks at a very affordable price. Me, however, didn’t buy myelf anything because there are lots of bill to pay this month LoL. My strategy to get out of this event without any burn in my wallet is by not bringing any money at all. I for example, only bring money enough to pay for the parking, entrance fee and some spare to buy food and drinks if necessary.


lots of Lego for sale…at a good price too.


“The Chewballer” from Woes Martin is an exclusive and limited item for Popcon Asia 2013


my favorite, the Uglydoll


This booth sells zombie-style custom toys


these cute little naked creature are called Sonny Angels


this is the first time I saw this DIY figure, if I’m not mistaken, it was called “Dweey”

The event is also a place to introduce and gather the communities related to popular culture. One of the communities is the “Brotherhood of Toys. This community displays their collection in the event.  Unfortunately the way they display it is not appetizing for the eye because the display cabinet is just too cramped. I hope that next year they will give more space especiallly for toy display. But here are some of the toys that are on that particular display.



There is also a photography challenge held by this community caled ToyGraphyID, an Indonesian Instagram based community who focuses on toy photography. I’ve take photograph of my toys for almost 4 years and never knew about this community until this event 😀 You should check out their Instagram account and hashtag, lots of amazing photos. As for the challenge,  they have this table full of various kind of toys and they let you take photos of them and post it in Instagram. Here’s my shot.



And that sums up the event. I hope this event could not only continue but also gets bigger next year.


5 thoughts on “Popconasia 2013

  1. chubbybots says:

    I would have bought some of those zombie figures!! Nice coverage. I’ll go with your tactic for my next toy convection lol….indeed we have many bills to pay ..

    • h4mster says:

      Zombie is very popular these days 😀 This event really comes at a bad timing, if only it was held on August then the thought of going there without any money would never crossed my mind LoL

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