Daily Domo: Part 3

Domo Part III

The Daily Domo set has come to its final part. Finally, I have reach a total of 30 photos capturing Domo’s activity. It has been fun and Domo sure eats a lot! Witness another round of his activity in these photos below 😀



Domo and his bad habit of scaring the others. Looks like it is another succesful attempt.


Snack Scavenging”

 The fridge provide unlimited access to every delicious snack that you desire. If you can’t find anything, it just means that you are not looking hard enough. That my friend, is the Domo Way…


“a helping head”

What kind of commotion lies in front of the Ugly citizen? Well, Babo arrives late to be in the front seat. But he was really lucky that Domo agree to give him an exclusive access to the balcony view. In return, Babo agree to tell Domo an incredible bedtime stories.



Making a huge mess from the toilet paper is one of his style to celebrate. Domo defines “celebration” as “doing whatever he wants”. Right now, he is celebrating his freedom of doing whatever he wants. A celebration which happens every day at 11.00 – 12.00 AM, a well timed celebration because it will be over right before lunch time.


“Sneaking Mission”

So here’s the thing, I can’t just take Domo with me everytime. But when it comes to adventure (and cookies), Domo is a smart one. He figure out a way to sneak in to my pants pocket. He just knew that I never go outside without a pair of pants. 



Life is full of unexpected things. When Domo want to go to school, he expected to leave peacefully and embrace the routine activity…but it seems that the dog has better idea to make Domo’s morning much more lively.


“Where is the Cheese?”

It was one of those photo shoting session with Domo. I decide that right now, Domo needs a huge smile on him. So I said “Say cheese!”. Domo got  confused, he then runs all the way to the front of the camera and ask me, “where’s the cheese?”. I guess he is just a bit hungry.


“don’t make a sudden move..”

When you are cleaning your house, sometimes you’ll find things that you don’t want to find. This time, Domo finds a creature that awaken his killer instinct.


“Can I have lots of Pizza?”

Those who hold the phone, have the power to summon the Pizza delivery guy.


“Rise & Shine”

Did you know that Domo open his eyes and his mouth exactly at the same time when he woke up? It shows how excited he is to start another day of adventure.

And that is a wrap for my Daily Domo project. Domo still has tons of other exciting activities, but maybe those are for another photography projects. Thank you folks! I really hope you enjoy all of the photos 😀


14 thoughts on “Daily Domo: Part 3

  1. Aditya Rakhman says:

    LOL your photography is getting a whole load better man! Enjoyed the comical storyline as usual, makes me want to get some Nendos hmmm hmm haha..

    • h4mster says:

      Thank you 😀
      I did remember inserting the picture to the blog..and it suddenly gone..perhaps Domo has sabotage my blog post?? Anyway, it already there and thank you for the heads up 😀

      • Aditya Rakhman says:

        Sangaaaaaar! Mana aja yg hasil potretan X100S? Is it worth the $1,000 price tag?

      • h4mster says:

        I use X100S for “the celebration” and other photos next to it (except the one that has the X100S in it 😀 ). Is it worth it? I have to say it is worth it if you are looking for this type of camera. Because in the end, the option will be either X100S, a Leica, or a Sony RX1 which two of the later is far more insanely expensive 😦 . This camera is perfect for travelling though, it is light, pretty low noise on high iso, fast, and easy to control. You can check out some outdoor shot with this camera in my other blog 😀

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