4 Years in Blogging

Doko Demo Party

Yesterday, I received a notification from WordPress saying:

You registered on WordPress.com 4 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good Blogging.


WordPress has been really kind to me because I’m really bad at remembering anniversaries. I don’t even remember that I’ve created this blog on May, 4 years ago 😀 That is the reason why I never write anniversary-related articles in this blog.


4 years is very short yet lots of changes could happen. When I started this blogging activity, I’m still a college student with a lot of time to spare. Now,  I already graduated, have a full time job and married (yup, got married on November, during my blog hiatus 😀 ). Many things have changed in my life but I think this blog still stays at its roots which is my passion for toys.


Taking a look back in times, this was my first post ,  that was also my first airbrushed kit 😀 I originally thought that Hobby Heaven was going to be all about scle modeling but it turns out differently. Back in those days, I actually never expected to have lots of fun collecting toys and taking photos of them. There is also a lot of reader have come and gone to this blog and I am really grateful for everyone that drop by my blog. The fact that there are still people who read the stuffs that I’ve made is the greatest reward 😀


That is all for my anniversary post. I also hope that you enjoy the pctures of the Doko Demo Issyo having a celebration party for Hobby Heaven 😀 Cheers for the fourth year of blogging and hopefully many more years to come. Thank you 😀


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