Daily Domo: Part 2


Hello everyone,

This is another set of photos from Domo’s daily life. The always-screaming expression of his is just too fun to capture. Especially for this version of Domo, his small size makes it easier to carry around just in case you need someone to become a model during your travel 😀


biscuit bites

Domo only needs three big bites to conquer this biscuit which was bigger than him. Come on Domo, one more bite to go!



Nothing is more scary than being actually surprised by a monster…this is everyone’s worst nightmare caught on camera.


does it taste good?

When you see a beautiful flower, first you admire its color, and then wonder how it smell. Domo is one step ahead of us because he also wonder how it would taste.


on the menu

It is one of those days when the predator becomes the prey. Perhaps the foods has unite themself and manage to pull this conspiracy on Domo.


whisper it loud

Can you imagine a creature like Domo is about to whisper something in your ear? Mr. Frog could always maintain his calm face, but I think there will be some damage on his ear..


out to see the world

After a full hibernation inside this food container, Domo is ready to go out for another adventure.


Hooray for Pizza Day

When I decide to order pizza for dinner, Domo and Wage was really excited. Pizza day is a happy day for everyone.




Due to his small size, sometimes I lost track of Domo while he was wandering around the room. He has to scream really loud to give me a sign about his current location.


egg nom”

Domo never really care about the obstacle between him and the food. He will just go straight with the traditional eat-everything method.



In this last photo from the set, it seems that Domo has find himself a new playground. He is both excited and scared at the same time. But don’t worry, I assure you that there is no Domo that was hurt during this photoshoot.

There you go folks, I hope you enjoy it 😀


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