Daily Domo: Part 1

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me introduce a creature that needs no introduction…ok, I feel like something is wrong with my statement right there, but anyway, please welcome: Domo.

If you don’t know who Domo is, I assume that you live in some pre-historic cave. I mean, Domo is so famous, I heard that in some countries, you could get arrested if you don’t know who he is. But since I’m here to help, I’m gonna explain briefly about Domo..and my explanation is gonna be so brief that I’m just going to give you a Wikipedia link about Domo, here it is 😀 If there is someone who could not get his mouth shut but somehow still very lovable, then we are definitely talking about Domo.

So here we are with my new  toy photography project. It is called “Daily Domo”. The goal is  to have 30 shots of the Domo figure produced by Qee. As a start, there will be 10 photos of Domo in this post, and hopefully the rest will follow next week or the week after. In my opinion, Domo, just like Danbo and the Uglydolls, is a very simple figure that could fit into any scene in a photo.

“leave no ice cream behind”

“Belle is a good listener”

“a treat for Domo”


“don’t leave me hanging”

“Danbo: You have to quickly decide which cookies that you want

The last three photos are actually a set of story, it is about Domo’s everyday trip to school that has gone wrong 😀

“The encounter..”

“The attempt to escape..”

“Dinosaurs: Give us the cookies in your bag!”

The End..


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