The Tradition, The Food, and The Dinosaur

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last week, I went to my hometown as a part of my family’s tradition. And I guess this tradition does not only belong to my family but to most families in Indonesia as well. At the end of Ramadhan (a month in Islamic Calendar), it’s usually being followed by a long holiday. This holiday gives people enough time to visit their family back in their hometown.

During that time, I also took a chance to photographed Danbo and Wall-E alongside with the cookies and cake made by my mother 😀 Oh, and I must say that lots of food is also part of this going-back-home tradition.

And the way to complete the blessed day is by sharing and giving, right? Wall-E being very friendly with the Dinosaur and decide to share his fruits. The Dinosaur is a vegetarian so Wall-E did not need to worry that he is gonna get eaten instead 😀


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