An Ugly Week

Hello, as I have announced on my previous post, I already finished my first photo project called “An Ugly Week”. This project showcase the story involving the Uglydolls in 7 days. Although I’ve planned to start it on Monday, lots of things happened and I finally got the chance to start the whole thing on Thursday.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to welcome you to witness an Ugly Week 😀

Ugly Tuesday – Wrong Recipee

Trunko: I don’t think this is the right way to make a hotdog…

Ugly Wednesday – Storage Room

Wage: looks like there is not enough space for another chocolate ball..
Nandy Bear: let’s store it in our stomach..

Ugly Thursday – We Are Not Alone

Ket: I’m telling you man, the UFOs are real!
Pointy Max: Unidentified Food Object ?
Babo’s Bird: It looks like a pancake...

Ugly Friday – Problem Unsolved

Trunko: as long as I don’t see any purple, this cube is still unsolved

Ugly Saturday – Tag Team

Wage: now I don’t have anymore problem when the game needs me to push the up button and the triangle button at the same time..
Pointy Max: and how does triangle looks like again ??

Ugly Sunday – Babo’s Best Friend

Babo: when I say “fetch!”, I was telling the dog to do it…

Ugly Monday – Fit for Two

Ket: This gigantic glasses is a good bargain since we could use it together
Jeero: hey, I thought this were 3D glasses…

This project has been quite a challenge and exciting at the same time 😀 The most fun part is when all the photos are done and I really enjoy seeing the finished product one by one. I’ve also uploaded these photos to my flickr account, in the Ugly Week Set. Feel free to visit it too ^^. And that is all for now, I’m currently in my search for new ideas on what my next project would be. See you next time 😀


4 thoughts on “An Ugly Week

  1. heathorn says:

    h4mster, thanks for sharing these photos!
    the story and cuteness really made me smile when I looked at them.

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