The Greener Activity, and Why I Deserve a Punch in the Face

Hello everyone, time for some random post derived from my random thoughts 😀

Since the world has this regular bad news called pollution and global warming, we are being encouraged to be greener than usual. Going literal with the green campaign, some of my toys decide to grow these “green living things” in the backyard (please note that these “green living things” is not an Alien….although Alien is awesome).

Do you have a hobby related with plants? It would be really cool if you do. Because it means that you love to do something to halt the global warming apocalypse. Even though it small plants, I still count it as a contribution 😀 And when we do really enters a global warming apocalypse, you have the right to punch those fossil fuel lovers in the face and tell them that it is all their fault.

As for me, I wish I could have this hobby…I currently living in a small place without any backyard ( photos above were taken in my hometown 😀 ). So let’s make some confessions, I don’t grow plants, I love going around places using fossil fueled vehicle (although it’s a public transportation), love the chill coming from my air-conditioner, I have some electronic devices that regularly consumes electricity, and I’m not that efficient in using papers…if there is a global warming apocalypse, find me and throw some of those uppercut…I deserve it.

But hey, just like everyone else ( I think…), I’m trying my best to reduce all of those bad habits 😀


10 thoughts on “The Greener Activity, and Why I Deserve a Punch in the Face

  1. darkandchoco says:

    If people are responsible enough, especially the “higher persons”, and willing to accept that there are A LOT of other sources of energy, not just fossil fuels, then we would not be facing these problems haha! XD

  2. ruoani says:

    Like what Gundam 00 suggests, Solar Energy! ! ! Well most people have fault in what is happening, instead of blaming each other, wouldn’t it be better to make solutions =3 ?

    • h4mster says:

      Haha, people usually blame others when they themselves could not find a solution 😀
      It’s funny that solar energy had been found long time ago but then the development of that technology seems stuck and not going anywhere..investment on those kind of unlimited energy should be the priority in the current condition.

  3. heathorn says:

    Well, I guess we are in the same boat…..
    It’s very hard to sleep at night without AC, and I can’t count how many papers I wasted printing wrong drawings ><

    • h4mster says:

      haha, prepare to get punched in the face then…
      I wish there is some kind of digital paper, so it is a computer that feels like a piece of paper, when you made a mistake you could just undo it easily 😀 haha, me and my stupid random thought..

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