Android Heroes

Hello everyone, I just got myself some new Android figures 😀

These are the Android Heroes which was a summer special edition…that is the 2011 summer so yeah..this is actually something that has been released a long time ago. But I’m still a happy man when I manage to add these two in my collection 😀

When it comes to Android figures, you should be careful of the paint quality. Because sometimes the paint was a big mess. They are in the right color, but if it was your bad day, you’ll end  up with an Android that looks as if it were being painted by a 5 year old kid..the paint were all over the place. To make it worst, most of the Android figures comes in blind boxes so you’ll need to really count on your luck in this matter. These Android however, comes in clear boxes and the quality, in my opinion is better 😀

el Pederoso

 the Hidden Task

There are two types of the Android summer special edition, they are “Heroes” and “Villains”. These two right here are the heroes. I must say that I am more interested on the good guys this time. I also love the detailed paint job  for these two.

I just love the detail on these two, especially el Pederoso’s mask and cape, also the Hidden Task’s mustache. Unfortunately the other two “Villain”  Android are not very attractive for me.

Although this special edition was released a long time ago, and in some places it becomes more special because you could get it signed by Andrew Bell himself, acquiring these two are still worth the long wait 😀


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