Some Nendos and a Domo

Hi folks, we meet again 😀

This time, I would like to show you the loots I gathered in the Jakarta Toys & Comic Fair 2012 not long ago. In that event, I bought 3 Nendoroids, and a 2 inch Domo Action Figure :D. It burns a pretty deep hole in my wallet. I would like to justify my action with the argument that “Toys Fair does not happen everyday” LoL. So let’s just start the tour with some photos I’ve taken with those new Nendos and a Domo 😀

Nendoroid Hirasawa Ui

I got the famous Hirasawa Ui from K-On. I decided to buy this version because she has that rolling eyes face expression. I’ve been looking for Nendos with this kind of expression (which are still in a reasonable price) for so long and now the search is over ^^. The face I was talking about is shown in the photo below:

“The Wrap Up”

I never get tired of seeing that kind of face LoL. You see, Hirasawa Ui was being wrapped up by Kudryavka Noumi. I don’t know what kind of story does she appears in, but she is cute, has various face expression and also has a pet dog name Belka.


Next is Nendoroid Elsie. Again, it was her various face expression and accessories that makes her on my to-buy-list. I guess my formula in buying Nendos are centered around what kind of face expressions does it have…and also add that I’m not really familiar with most of the anime out there, I only base my decision on how cute these Nendos are 😀

“Trying to build a connection”

Did I mention that I also bought a 2 inch Domo Action Figure? Well, I can’t get a clear shot of him because he is just to busy scaring the girls…

Don’t Let Domo Catch You

Even with this blurry shot, everyone could see that it is Domo standing behind Elsie 😀

Well folks, that is all the items I manage to grab in the Toys Fair…this is the biggest expenditure for toys so far this year but I have no regrets 😀 Thank you all for reading this, see ya next week ^^


8 thoughts on “Some Nendos and a Domo

  1. darkandchoco says:

    Haha how much was the domo? I want one too! 🙂

    Hirasawa Ui is one of my favorite anime characters, she’s just so simple to look at yet adorable! She’s like the better version of Hirasawa Yui for me. =3 Love that she has the rolling eyes expression! Its a must buy!! XD

    Belka is cute~ =3

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