Jakarta Toys & Comic Fair 2012

Hello everyone 😀

Last week there was this awesome event happens in my city. It’s the annual Toys & Comic Fair :D. first of all, let’s not start on comparing this event with those convention held in San Diego or Singapore…but here, this one is considered as the biggest Toys Fair held in Indonesia. It was my first time attending this event, I only used to attend the Year End Toys Attack and it was not as big as the one held this March.

I could see that there are three main categories in this event. There are toys display, toys on sale, and cosplay. I’m not really interested on cosplay so there will be no coverage about it. If you go to a Toys Fair, all the toys on sale has the same sweet smell of discounted price. It gets better if you got the skill to talk it out because might bargain for even a lower price :D. I also manage to gather some toys here ^^ more on that on my next post 😀

Nendoroids on sale

Among the toys display that I told you previously, The one that really attracts the attention for me was the Lego Diorama. The right formula to make a diorama is by making it big, and detailed. Both of that formula is perfectly combined and in the end produces a jaw dropping display that could make you stand for hours admiring its details. To make it better, it was not just one scene of diorama, there was like three of them, plus a massive Star Wars character build from bricks!

Star Wars section. The picture on the bottom-left shows how they build a giant R2-D2 from bricks.

a medieval theme Lego diorama, awesome details and massive number of soldiers there

I don’t know whether the diorama below is also from Lego or other brand of brick toys..but this train diorama is both huge and awesome too…and the train could also move somehow.

Seeing those display really makes me wanna collect and build some Lego. But again, I got this space issue that always keeping me from going wild with my collection. Good thing for the wallet, but not so good for the soul 😀

There was also this urban toys collector’s exhibition, prototype display, and some toys sold by the designer them self. Pretty cool! In my opinion, this Toys Fair event is more diverse compare to the other event previously held in Indonesia. Here, you could see all kinds of toys coming from various community and that makes this event really fun to watch. Regarding the urban toys section, one thing that I really noticed is that you can see a lot of ThreeA toys being displayed and sold in this event…that brand is getting more popular everyday 😀

Collector’s item display on the left, and on the right are prototypes and designer toys that are already launched to the market 

I forgot the name, made from woods and bamboo…looks pretty fun to customized 😀

A Toys Fair would not be complete if they don’t include Hot Toys in it. Oh, and please don’t forget to display those statues from comic book character. Even now I still think that those two types of toys are just too expensive for my wallet…But for the quality, let’s just say that the price makes it a really good sense. Photos below are some display of those toys.

customized 1/6 Hot Toys Iron Man display 

The Destroyer statue…must be really cool to put this statue in your living room 😀

The newly released Tumbler

That is basically all 😀 I will show you my loot from this Toys Fair in my next post, so stay tuned 😀


11 thoughts on “Jakarta Toys & Comic Fair 2012

  1. LEon says:

    well the event certainly happening. The Ironman custom is something that over here in Singapore do not have. Must be fan works. Thanks for sharing.

    • h4mster says:

      The weird thing is that I never knew about any community here that is doing a customized Iron Man..I’ve tried to search it on the net but still haven’t find it. Their painting skill is amazing, there must be lots of thing that can be learned from them 😀

  2. Pau says:

    hello I´m new in Indonesia.. and I need to know where I can buy cosplay toys (dolls) and clothes in Jakarta for my daughter, thanks for the information… my daughter love Hatsune Miku, Pikachu and the other animes for kids…

    • h4mster says:

      Hi, I usually find those things in an online shop. Maybe if you have heard an online forum called “Kaskus”, there is a buy & sell section for toys. Or maybe you can pay a visit to Multi Toys at Taman Anggrek Mall 😀

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