Revoltech: Wall-E


I would like to share with you this new toy in my collection, coming from the Revoltech’s Pixar Figure Collection line, this is Wall-E 😀


My last Revoltech was the Gloomy Bear, and it was a long time ago. For all that time in between, I didn’t really follow what’s new on Japanese toys. But Wall-E is a totally different story. First of all, I love the movie. Second is that I already though that he could become a wonderful photo object. The search for a Wall-E action figure went for quite sometime, until I got this news that Revoltech is going to give Wall-E that special spot in the Pixar line. So it went on my buying list immediately. And this is my first toy of 2012 ^^

” Wall-E could not get the camera hood off him 😦 “

Let’s start with the packaging. Unlike the previous Revoltech, Wall-E (as well as the other Pixar Figure Collection) come up not in box, but in a card packaging.

I never really care on what kind of package does my toy comes with, because I’ll rip it open anyway :D. in the back of the card, you’ll find it similar with those Revoltech in boxes.

Oh, and this is the first time I show my hand while doing a review 😀 I don’t know the reason why he came in this kind of packaging. There are some opinions out there, but the one that make the most sense for me is because Kaiyodo aim this Pixar Figure Collection for the US Market, therefore this kind of card package is more easy to accept by the collectors there. Is that true? I have no idea at all 🙂

 ” Learning to Skate “

There are several accessories included here and they are those that appear on the movie, including that famous shoe 😀

 ” Put the treasure in the safest place “

You’ll also have that compressed scrap metal just like the photo below 😀

I hope that is not my future…

What I really love  about Wall-E is his innocent eyes. It kinda remind me of Danbo. I don’t know if Wall-E is going to be as famous as Danbo among photographers, but he certainly share the same style. He could be the new lovable photo object to say the least ^^

Where is the way out?

Now you’ve seen Wall-E in my previous post about Bangka Island. And I did say that there was this accident with Wall-E’s arm joint. The joint are so small that I snap it while I pose him.

” That broken hand..

I’ve tried to fix it using several means like super glue, and pulling out the broken joint to replace it with Gloomy Bear’s joint. But nothing seems to work. Then I realize that the arm is light and short, therefore I could use a glue tack and stick it to the body.

Problem fixed! Wall-E could now explore this world normally ^^

 ” What’s This?? “

That is all about Wall-E for now. My one week one post commitment has been broken last week due to the very busy schedule and lousy internet connection, that’s a too bad,…but thankfully I manage to post something again this week. It was all thanks to the portable hotspot from my Android device :D. You know, when a gadget could help your daily life, that is when you really think that your money are well spent 😀

See ya later folks ^^


19 thoughts on “Revoltech: Wall-E

  1. Toy Pusher Xine (@toypusher) says:

    I have Wall-e too and same as you the joint in one arm broke! Little TP dropped it just minutes after opening and I still couldn’t fix it. Super glue didn’t work for me too. I’m not sure if glue tack will work as well because the joint itself is broken. Any tips? Wall-e looks fantastic, I just hope the joints are not that brittle!

    • h4mster says:

      Well, I also use Super Glue at first, but somehow it did not work. So I end up using Glue Tack. The Glue Tack is not considered as a permanent repair, but at least it could stick the arm to the joint long enough for me to take a photo shoot of Wall-E 😀

  2. munzzie8 says:

    glad that u manage it. well, “that broken hand” shot is very heart breaking. why? coz, if you broken one arm of wall-e, mine is double. i feel your pain.
    just wanna share that u can remove the round joint bolt thingy from walle’s arm and stick that pointy bit into wall-e body and glue the round joint thingy to wall-e body with some glue tack like u did. that’s why my friend taught me.
    alternatively, friend showed me this too.. joint replacement.
    good luck and have fun.

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