In Progress>> 1/35 Sd.Kfz.171 ‘Panther D’>> Part 1

The WIP for Panther continue. Well, nothing much to talk about actually…I got totally busy having fun with other things and left the Panther abandoned for quite sometime 😀 the current status is that the fitting is done and the tank is ready for some paint job ^^

For a World War II tank, Panther is a huge one, no wonder this guy always bring bad news   to their enemies..but no matter how big this tank is, when it comes to a 1/35 scale model, all the parts becomes tiny and annoying. Maybe that’s what makes me a bit slow in this snap fitting process.

The turret on progress

Up until now, I still don’t know whether there will be a new technique implemented on this build. My plan right now is just to make the paint job looks as real as possible (well…that is not “just” a plan). I might also order another acrylic display with a wooden base and give a simple ground works on it. That’ll make the display looks simple and sweet 😀

There are accessories that should be placed on each side of the upper hull. But attaching them now will create problems in the painting process…so I decide to put them after the paint job for the body is done. I never do this thing before but it sounds not that complicated 😀

That is all for this small progress. Thank you for your attention folks ^^


8 thoughts on “In Progress>> 1/35 Sd.Kfz.171 ‘Panther D’>> Part 1

    • h4mster says:

      Yeah, lucky I didn’t loose them. And for military kit, there are usually some spare parts provided. For example, if the tank need two handrail, the kit provide you four of them.

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