Nendoroid: Toko Amano

Hello guys,

Today I would like to give the spotlight to my new Nendoroid, number 118, Toko Amano πŸ˜€

I won’t give much review about this Nendoroid because it’s already being released a long time ago. Therefore, you could find another already-comprehensive-review about Nendoroid Toko Amano out there on the internet πŸ˜€ Right now, I would only spam you with some photos and hopefully shows that this nendoroid looks really lovely in front of camera πŸ˜€

Since I don’t really watch animes, I have the minimum knowledge about her character. Based on the various sources I gather on the net, I found out that she comes from the Β “Bungaku Shoujo”, a light novel series that has also become an animated movie.

Her character is being described as a high school girl who really loves literature. she loves it so much that she would eat her favorite literature…I personally think that she needs a mental treatment…

What I love about this Nendoroid is because she could stand with the help of her hair. So she doesn’t need the nendo base to stand up :D. Her accessories consists of 2 additional faceplate (as seen in the photos above), books, a chair, and that thing on the third picture (I don’t know what on earth is that…)

The photo above is my favorite picture ^^

Well, I guess that is all for Nendoroid Toko Amano πŸ˜€ There are still some more Uglydolls that needs to be on the spotlight in my future posts and also the Revoltech Wall-E that I’ve ordered in November is on it’s way here too. See you later .


12 thoughts on “Nendoroid: Toko Amano

  1. Livia says:

    The reason why she has a face like a monster is because the main character in the books calls her a goblin. So I think the makers of the figure were trying to show a goblin-like Tohko.

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