My Munny Project: Desperate Cupcake

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present my custom mini Munny, which is made during the On-The-Spot Munny Competition in December last year. I didn’t win, but I am certainly proud of my work πŸ˜€

So, please welcome, Desperate Cupcake!

The Character

Desperate Cupcake represent all the cupcakes in the world! Yup, those looking good cupcakes that are there for you to buy, and those unlucky cupcakes that are already find their way to your belly…may they rest in peace. Desperate Cupcake shows the true feeling of his kind, full of sadness and begging you not to eat them. He thinks that it is time for some movement. Put the sad face on but don’t forget to write your thought on a piece of sign board! Tell those human that every creature deserves not to be eaten. If you ignore him, he could cause a serious riot in your stomach…so, still dare to eat him?

The Build

Desperate Cupcake was made in 3 hours. Thanks to the time limit given by the competition. I also did it using very minimum tools such as a set of markers, and a acrylic color to paint the sign board. Minimum tools happen because it was a custom competition on spot, which means I can’t take this Munny as a homework. Lucky that I brought enough variety of marker with different color, otherwise I have to come up with a different custom Munny.

This work is inspired by the amazing Cupcake Android mini collectible designed by Gary Ham. Noting the amount of tools that I brought, and also after the theme which is “Food, Food, Food” was announced, I decide to create a simple looking Munny as this one. As you know, each mini Munny contains an accessories inside the box. I am lucky enough to get the sign board as the accessories. It certainly helps me getting the idea to create Desperae Cupcake.

Desperate Cupcake was displayed on the Munny World Festival 2011. I make this photoshoot after the event was over and people could retrieve their Munny πŸ˜€ I usually use white background for my previous Munny, but since Desperate Cupcake has an overall white color on his body, using dark background could really pop him πŸ˜€

And that is all, Desperate Cupcake has opened this blog for 2012, thanks for reading ^^


8 thoughts on “My Munny Project: Desperate Cupcake

  1. chubbybots says:

    hehe a great opening for your blog bro! Happy 2012!

    Munnies are so simple yet so much room for creativity!! And i can’t imagine you did this in just 3hrs, this is great work!

  2. rockleelotus says:

    i wouldnt eat him….. maybe πŸ˜›

    adding time limits to builds is not for everyone, but its a great way to put your skills to the test and in the end i think it helps you improve overall. you were clearly up for the challenge, nice work! ^^

    • h4mster says:

      The contest was free anyway, so It wouldn’t hurt me financially πŸ˜€ Another thing that help me out in the competition was because I thought the time limit was only one hour, when I find out that it was actually three hours, it make me calm a bit.

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