December Shopping Cart

This is going to be one of those posts categorized as “Loot Post”. You know, when people write about the recent stuff that they have bought. As far as I remember, I never did any kind of loot post before. Basically because I have no loots to write about LoL. But this December is a bit different, maybe because there is this Toys Fair in the beginning of December, the MWFI 2011, Christmas discount and Christmas Bonus…all the event that lead to this:

 Yeah…I am my own Santa Claus 😀

Here’s a little story, last year I attend my very first toys fair (I’m still a new kid on the big town that day). I was surprised seeing lots of toys in discount. So I thought that if I’m going to buy myself a toy, I should do it in some toys fair. The stupid thing is that I missed all the toys fair in 2011, except the last one in December. So I went there with a fully loaded ammo in my wallet. After I got there, there was soooo many toys and I got confused….I was so confused, I end up with only these two Model Kit LoL.

Macross 1/72 Scale, Tactical Pod Regult. 

My first Macross kit. It was love at first sight. I am so gonna make a diorama with this one.

HGUC Kshatriya,

Finally, I’ve been wanting Kshatriya for so long and now I find the perfect moment to go for it. This kit is currently on the snap fitting process ^^

So I didn’t get to waste all of my fortunes in a day..which is a really good thing 😀 The second item coming into my possession was a new lens for my camera. A new lens is needed when you already feel the boundaries created with the current lens that you have. And I feel that my 18-55mm lens is just can’t zoom close enough. So I search for a new zoom lens and decided to grab this one:

AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor 55-200  f/4-5.6G,

Perfect to complement my current 18-55 mm, with a good price too ^^

Another items on December are the new Uglydolls from series 3. This year, most of my toys consist of these Uglydoll and some other urban toys. That is probably the reason why I get to save my money on figures because these Uglydolls are not really expensive.

Left to right: Babo’s Bird, Ket, & Nandy Bear.

Each character will get their exclusive photoshoot and review 😀 I always love the design of these Uglydoll. The creator always use the same formula to create these monsters but it always looks cute.

Last one, is a Nendoroid… yeah, It’s been a year without Nendoroid for me. My last Nendo was Drossel. Why suddenly back to Nendo? I have to blame myself since I, with full consciousness, enter the Goodsmile Company website and got poisoned instantly. So, a new Nendoroid puts an end to this amazing 2011’s toy journey.

Nendoroid Toko Amano,

More photos of her is still on the process 😀 I don’t know from what anime/manga she came from, I just bought her because I like the design 😀 My last Nendo Drossel wah number 81 in the nendo line up, this one is number 118…yup, it has been such a long time since my last Nendo.

And that sums up the Loot Post 😀 I know it is a bit late, but happy holidays to you all ^^


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