MWFI 2011: Artists Exhibition

This is the last post about MWFI 2011 coverage. This time, I would like to show you the artist exhibition in the event. There are Artist’s customized Munny,  Indonesian artist’s designer toys, and some live drawing by these artists.

Speaking of some local made designer toys, I was pretty surprised with the toys displayed there. It was because I never thought that some of those toys are actually made by Indonesian artist. Maybe it was because those toys are damn expensive…Yeah, I still have the mindset that everything local-made should be wallet friendly 😀 But the fact that these local made toys are a very limited item, I guess the prize kinda make sense. Here are the photos of Local Designer Toys that I was talking about:

Toys (I don’t know the name)  by Cik Cuk

“Goji” by The Yellow Dino

“Arkiv” by Rushead Vilmansa

“Jouwe” by Marine Ramdhani

“Lemy” by Thunderpanda

“Solid Boy” by Bismarck Toy Lab

Those are the current Designer Toys that are available on the market, some might be already sold out :D. But those toys are not the only kind on display. There are also a blank canvas on the venue, where the artist could draw anything there. I was not present when they do the live drawing, so I cannot show which drawing was done by who. Here goes the pictures:

And the last one from the Artist Exhibition, is the Munny Exhibition. since it was done by people who..let’s just say, customized Munny for a living, the result is totally in a different level compare to those who are displayed in the Munny Competition Showcase. And these are the Artist’s entries:

And that sums up the whole three posts about MWFI 2011 field report. It sure was a really fun event. I can’t wait for the similar event going on next year (if there is). I hope you folks enjoy reading this report as much as I enjoy writing it 😀 See ya ^^


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