MWFI 2011: Munny On The Spot Competition

Second Part of the MWFI 2011 coverage . And this is what excite me the most :D. The Munny On The Spot Competition!

So here’s the rules, participants received a blank Mini Munny which they have to customized in three hours (no taking it home). Participant should bring their own necessary tools (paints, brush, clay, etc.). There are three possible theme for the competition in which right before it begins, the judge will picked one theme randomly for all the contestant. Those three themes are 1) All I Want For Christmas, 2) Food, Food, Food, and 3) Let’s Go To The Zoo.

After the random pick, it was “Food, Food, Food” that becomes the theme for the show ^^ I hadn’t prepare anything for that theme… but I did bring pretty much every painting tools that I have (except spray cans because those were not allowed). Therefore I’ll be safe when the inspiration of how I incorporate food to the Munny arrived to me. And thank God it did 😀

That is my table on the picture above

Some other contestant are in the same condition as me, but others come completely prepared with their props like plates, spoon, and even real food. In the end, it was a really fun three hours journey, and to be able to produce one finished customized Munny…well, I could say it was the most productive three hours in my whole life LoL. So ladies and gentlemen, allow me to show you the delicious entries for the Munny On The Spot Competition:


What I like about his one is how he draw all that food going down to Munny’s belly ^^ So cute

“You Bite Me And I Bite You Back”

A really cool concept of a not so friendly chocolate fondue made from Munny’s head

“Kid Cotton Candy”

A kid with hairs made from cotton candy..sweet..

“Nasi Goreng Gila”

When the theme is food, then the best way to customized it is by using real food…smart

“My Food Like A Shit”

The guy who did this was sitting near me..I thought he was making an ice cream LoL

“Liberty Full Set”

This custom Munny shows the whole course, appetizer, main course, and dessert


“Belepotan” means “messed up”/”all over the place” in English. Just like how the chocolate is all over the place in this Munny 😀

“King of Food”

This one right here is the winner of the competition. A very cool concept, a sliced up Munny and the mayonnaise dressing made of gold makes it the King of Food


“Buah” means “fruit” in English. The Munny is being customized by incorporating fruit patterns on various places.


The title is self explanatory 😀 I really love the cute face

“Dudes Pizza”

The cool part of this Munny is the marker used on it. It was a 3D marker, so when you look at it using 3D glasses, the color changed a bit.

“Honey ‘Pig’ Chop Lunch Box”

It shows a pig instead of pork. The creator wish to show that every meat used to have its alive form before they end up in our lunch boxes ^^

“Cherry Bomb”

One of my favorite, really looks delicious ^^. The name Cherry Bomb derived from the Cherry that is almost as big as Munny’s head.

“Hello My Name is Strawberry”

Another self explanatory custom 😀 the guy who did this actually have time to sculpt those strawberry pattern  in three hours..amazing..

“Qing Chi”

Another awesome concept. The head is being cut in half to resemble a bowl, and the painting also resemble those Chinese bowl I used to see in restaurants.

“Hot Rod”

I love that face expression on the Munny 😀

“Candy Cane Santa”

This is an example of Christmas theme meets food. I love the execution, really clean and solid color 😀

“Desperate Cupcake”

This is mine ^^ I try to show that no matter how cheerful the color of a cupcake, if it was alive and could show facial expression, they will be begging you to spare their life LoL. I create this in three hours only using markers. I thought that markers are quick drying and therefore easier to handle when the time is very limited. I’m pretty satisfied with the result even thugh I didn’t win 😀

That is all folks, how was it feel to customized a toy in three hour? Totally fun! Not to mention that I got myself a mini Munny for free 😀 Thank you for reading this amteur coverage and see you next time on the last part of MWFI 2011


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