MWFI 2011: Munny Competition Showcase

Hello guys,

I would like to do some sort of field report on the event that I have recently joined, the Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011. It was opened in 9th December 2011 and closed tonight, 11th December 2011. The highlight of the event was on 10th December 2011 though..the day they held the Munny On-the-Spot Competition and winner announcement.

I’m gonna divide the coverage into 3 posts, the Munny Competition Showcase, On-The-Spot Competition, and Toys Exhibition. Each post contains tons of photos because I  took photos of almost every entry on that event 😀 So let’s start, first coverage: Munny Competition Showcase!

The Munny Competition Showcase is the main event in MWFI 2011. The showcase was held in Plastic Culture. Plastic Culture is the biggest designer toy store in Indonesia. The V4 Munny that is used for the competition is available here for IDR 350.000. Think of it as a registration fee. Expensive? maybe, but once you manage to submit the Munny before the deadline, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Munny On-the-Spot Copetition, which means: Mini Munny for free ^^

Now, without further chit chat, let’s go directly to the amazing entries. There are about 30 Munny participated in this competition. All looks great, but I didn’t manage to take pictures of all the entries. So here goes:

Save The Forest or I Kill You by David Tan

“Save The Forest or I Kill You” by David Tan

“Tyls” by Drs Abdul Wahab

“Tiny World of Robotica” by Jeffry Burhan

“SEN” by Yansen

“Cookies Clown” by Bangkit Welkid

“Shingen Takeda” by Ruby Christianto

“Freedom” by Ruby Christianto

“Mr. Rudolf” by Calvin Zelfanya

“Rainbow Tears of Happiness” by Tony Ariawan

“In Nature” by Tony Ariawan

This one looks familiar…“Tribe” by me 😀

“Green Skeleton” by Jordan S

“Green With Gun” by Heru Setiawan

“Mephstiq” by Alvin Chandra

“Baby Barong” by Rubs

“Maxi” by Hartadi

 “Munnchichi” by Level One

“Gagan Naswara” by Kenny G

“Armstral” by Nyimas Laula

“Walking Dead” by Jason Burhan

“Panca PNC” by Willy Yasich

There are 4 winners for this category, there is the People’s Favorite which could be won by Munny that receive the highest number of votes by the people, and there are also Second Runner-up, First Runner-Up, and Grand Champion which is chosen by the jury. Here are the winners:

The People’s Favorite:

“Happy Gingerbread” by Allene Alvena

Second Runner-up:

“Muloyoung” by Mulo

Second Runner-up:

“Kalimuntan” by Abell Octovan

And last, the Grand Champion:

“Woody!! I Killed Teddy” by Jeffry Burhan

That is all guys 😀 What do you think? Do you have your own favorite from the entry above? If you ask me, my pick would be “Kalimuntan”, it is clean, cute, and creative ^^ I didn’t win anything but just like all the losers said, “it is not about winning or loosing” LoL..but seriously, it is really not about winning and loosing 😀 I had a great time customizing my Munny, and it happens that there is this competition so why not join in the fun  wagon right?

So that is the first episode of the MWFI 2011 coverage, see ya later 🙂


4 thoughts on “MWFI 2011: Munny Competition Showcase

  1. coolminifigures says:

    I love the concept of “Rainbow Tears of Happiness” though I think the Dummy could be better. “Woody!! I Killed Teddy” is awesome! I think it deserved to win. But in general, many of the Munnys you posted are great. Had seen yours in a post before and like it very much 🙂

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