My Custom Munny: Tribe

Hello there good fellas, I’ve completed another Munny. This Munny is made for my entry in the upcoming Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011 (MWFI 2011). Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce: Tribe

The Character

His body paint, his necklace, and his other accessories only describe him as a true fashion enthusiast! But why go with the skull? Isn’t that kinda creepy? Well, Tribe thinks that every skull is always smiling wide. So, putting on the skull on the head is the way to show his commitment of happiness 😀 Tribe speaks a language this world has never heard before. And when I say “the world”, I actually mean everyone in the world including Tribe himself…So is he hard to communicate with? In Tribe’s point of view, you are simply trying too hard. Let loose, be free, those are the universal language that Tribe really understands.

The Build

As the requirements for the upcoming MWFI 2011, I use the 7 inch Munny as the platform for Tribe.This 7 inch Munny (or the V4 Munny) is quite big, and they have more accessories compared to the Mini Munny.

I’ve drawn many sketches on this Munny before I ended up with the concept of Tribe. All the ideas are just flowing after I draw the skull on its head, including the addition of his accessories. I paint them using hand painted Reeves water color. The vinyl surface makes water colors stick nicely even without Primary Paint. And I’ve learned a technique that could reduce the brush strokes in hand painting. I put it to the test and I could say that Tribe right here is pretty clean compared to the previous Grimace.

For the accessories, I bought them at a store that sells art decoration for gift wrapping and stuff. His necklace is made from seeds ( I don’t know what seeds though :p ), I drill them and put a small rope to hang around his neck. As for his skirt, it is made from the same rope used on his necklace. I stick them to a double-sided tape and make sure that the space between each ropes are narrow.

It is all about finding the right scale for his accessories. There are many ropes for example, from the big ones they used to tie down ships on the port, the medium diameter they used to hang a convict in a death row, and the small enough ones that is just perfect for a 7 inch toy. This also applies in scale modeling or making dioramas.

So this is gonna be my entry for the MWFI 2011. The deadline for submission is on 4th of December 2011, but the problem is that I’m out of town for a business trip and will be back on 3rd of December 2011. I hope that nothing goes wrong and I could submit this custom Munny in time 😀

thanks for reading this post guys 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Custom Munny: Tribe

  1. rockleelotus says:

    the design is awesome! the accessories are very well done and add to the overall creepy feel of the character. i hope you were able to submit it on time, this piece needs to e admired 😀

  2. STR1KU says:

    I love the design, simple yet attractive. All the best bro! Pls look for mine also since I won’t be there at the event hehehe 😀

  3. heathorn says:

    Love the concept! The mask make him look like a warrior for some tribe deep in the jungle 😀
    And your effort to find the right scale objects to the munny itself. It’s not an easy job I think.

    Give him a staff and big earrings might make him a kepala suku.

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