Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011

I would like to inform you that there’s gonna be a really cool event on 9th-11th December 2011. It is called the Munny World Festival Indonesia 2011 (MWFI 2011 for short). If you happen to be in Jakarta at that date, the event takes place in Plastic Culture, Grand Indonesia.

The MWFI 2011 is basically a custom Munny competition. This year, they are going to use The V4 Munny as the basic platform (V4 is the 7 inch tall Munny). the deadline for submission is on 4th December 2011. For more information, please check out Plastic Culture’s Blog right here.

As for me, I already have a new custom Munny which is still in progress, almost done though :D. I hope that all the finishing touches will be completed before the deadline.


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