In Progress>>USS Enterprise>>Part 4

In the previous WIP update right here, you could witness the process of creating the Aztec Pattern for my USS Enterprise. But I only manage to show the upper part of the saucer at that time because the lower part is still in progress.

WIP Status 2 weeks ago

Using the same step by step as mentioned in the previous USS Enterprise WIP, I created the pattern for the lower part of the Saucer

more masking tape..

I should be very careful in cutting the masking tapes. You see, the masking tape are being cut when they are already placed on the surface of the kit. So you got to have a good control of the design knife because if you give to much strength, the paint is going to get scratched.

I’ve made some errors, but since it is a big model kit, I’ve got a lot of time to practice and make it right 😀 Once you get the hang of it, you will know how much strength is needed to cut the masking tape without damaging the paint. The picture above shows that all the masking tapes are on their rightful place. Now to paint it using Medium Gray from Tamiya Spray Paint.


The color looks different due to the lousy light setup. It is actually identical color for those two parts 😀 Now both the upper and lower part of the Saucer is finished, Time to move on the Battle Hull. Thank you for reading this update folks, see you next week 😀


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