Can you guess who’s silhouette are those in the picture? 😀 Read more to find out ^^

Yup, Gloomy Bear thought that all the candy are stored inside Pity’s belly…so he’s gonna take a little peek to find out. Sadistic? Well..it’s Halloween, what do you expect 😀

But what actually pops up in your head when you are given the word “Halloween”? You know, other than all of those Jack-O-Lantern thing…For me, it’s more of a massive horror cosplay on  October, combined with a horror movie marathon on TV 😀

And how people celebrate Halloween in your place? I’ve taste my Halloween when I was living in US, but there’s never was a big scale Halloween celebration here in Indonesia as far as I know 😀


5 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. LEon says:

    The photo look dramatic. There are only certain venue hosting Halloween over here and it is getting popular. However I am getting too old for dress up. LOL

  2. chubbybots says:

    Probably by the time my sons hits 2, Halloween will be more popular haha. Don’t mind dressing him in a little devil suit 😛

    For a moment I though gloomy bear is gonna do a treat or trick on that poor guy’s guts lol..

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